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felipesanin81 Apr 11, 12:47 PM

only ppl who have a -goal pursuing mindset- will understand what we go through and provide encouragement instead of hate. those who hate have never achieved anything in life. More props to your uncle.

Chevon Jun 03, 8:12 AM

I chuckled reading the "telling me my "dream" wouldn't last." line then looking over at the Profit bubble. I guess thats the point

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Buckers Jun 06, 20 12:36 PM

Another video I will be watching a number of times, thank you

castlemain Jan 24, 9:00 PM

Thank YOU Huddie. Appreciate you.

Crazey_Canuck Apr 02, 8:24 AM

Thank you Huddie Awesome! Your explanation of these plays is Fantastic thank you so much. Truly grateful you take the time to give Back, Peace Out.!

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