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Windwalzer Aug 30, 20 9:06 PM

Will be watching it, thank you Jackaroo.

shugey64 Oct 31, 20 10:33 AM

Thanks for sharing Jack looking forward for the OCT 2020 trade review .Do what u do best and hope i can learn more from u man .

donn Dec 09, 20 7:34 AM

Thanks for keeping your trades up to date Jack. I notice other big guns quit entering trades after August so hard to believe any of their progress. Your transparency will keep you highly motivated and successful. You are a leader now, and I respect that.

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RouxBourbon Nov 28, 20 9:39 AM

Watching this video this morning. Took a look at ALPP and put on the 2 year 1 day chart to see where you were talking about, and low and behold we are setting up for a multi year breakout. This stock is in play! Gonna look for the breakout, but even more is the dip after the frd and the bottom sets in, I want to practice that long trade there.

RouxBourbon Nov 28, 20 9:43 AM

.44 was also a key resistance level in November 2019. So we may have a short into resistance opp here, imo what would be ideal is a breakout test, pull back for the shorts, then consolidate and retest the .44 breakout level. We will see. I am super excited about ALPP and your video is still relevant.

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DeMattia73 Dec 25, 20 5:42 AM

I am glad Lento shared this in chat yesterday. I needed to hear this right now. I know what I am good at and it is making me money, but I keep feeling like I need to branch out and struggle with other setups. Gotta master what I can and refine my process on what I am already consistently profitable in. Good advice Jack - easy to see why this mindset led you into the 2020 year you have had!

scaredcynical Dec 26, 20 10:56 PM

Less is more! Thanks for the video, great to see what you were going through earlier in your journey and how you adapted!

MOKI Jan 04, 5:37 PM

Thanks Jack, I'm literally going through the same thing right now and staying away from patterns that don't make me money. Kudos!

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Ade50 Sep 15, 20 5:12 AM

Appreciate you sharing this Jack. Learning lots from these.

Rak Oct 24, 20 10:48 AM

Thanks for your trade breakdowns and thought process Jack; Other takeaways: "Wait for the best trades to come to you, don't trade bullshit", "You don't need to nail everything"

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@Jackaroo Do you trade limit/stop orders or market orders?

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markbhenry77 May 07, 19 8:50 AM

Congrats on the interview with Tim!!

hennipen May 08, 19 12:33 PM

Nice job on the interview w Tim and the Podcast!

ShipBuilder May 08, 19 2:17 PM

great podcast! I also learn quicker being among ppl; not so easy doing this lone wolf way. But congrats on your understanding of the market and your hard won profits!

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