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JMad Nov 13, 11:20 AM

such an awesome video lesson. super informative. thank you so much

RoyCreditor Nov 13, 11:48 AM

When you talk about learning the pattern so you can recognize it and aggresively profit from it, that is the 'conviction' which lx21 talks about in his Las Vegas presentation in the Pennystocking Framework, HTMM, and Trader checklist DVDs. Jamil mentions it in The Complete Penny Stock course too. I really love it! You continue to make DVD quality video lessons. Thank you SOOOO much and keep it up. It's awesome!

Edu Nov 13, 12:46 PM

This is an awesome video Huddie. Thank you very much for this!

bnewell13 Nov 17, 12:28 PM

Awesome Michael, thanks for the video.

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Hi @Huddie I have been having a psychological block lately and I think I can pinpoint it down to Fomo. For example on the OE gap down set up tanks at the open I usually can be patient and let it come back however I seem to always jump in too early on the ensuing bounce. I have tried to keep my risk tight during this time as I know it's hurting me. Good example would be IGC today and NBEV yesterday.. Was wondering if you ever had this happen in your early days and how you handled it? I am trying my best to be patient on these yet at the same time I always get myself in a bit of trouble. Would love to hear what advice you would have regarding this and how you overcome it? Thanks again in advance Huddie your advice has kept me in this game so far!

Monopolist Oct 10, 3:49 AM

Im going trough similar thing. The summer was very dry and I kept looking at the overall markets being in consolidation and I felt sad/down, I couldn't even make a proper watchlist. I got happy again when the stocks started spiking again but when DOW tanked back down into consolidation a few days ago and there isn't any stocks spiking I started feeling similar to how I was feeling during the summer. Stocks don't go up on decent news and when I want to buy the stock it either just consolidates or

Monopolist Oct 10, 3:53 AM

go down. To be honest, I'm just waiting for either the crash or to go back up to the bull market. Like Tim says: One of the worst things is to be in a stock that just doesn't move and now literally stocks don't move

Huddie Oct 10, 4:36 PM

@leiting I can't answer your question specifically due to each o/e gap down being a tad different than the other. My best advice to you would be to go back and watch the o/e gap down chapter in TTT and rewatch Grittani's old webinars until you have a better understanding of what to expect.

leiting Oct 11, 1:08 AM

@Huddie Thanks for the advice man, you have been more helpful than you know. I will go back to basics and watch all of Gritani's info on O/e Gap downs again. I feel like I am "stressing the issue" as you and Gritani speak about while I need to be more disciplined with my entries and if my potential entry doesn't come or it's out of my wheel house as you put it, then I shouldn't trade it at all I find myself trying to force it at the less than ideal price points in terms of risk/reward. You have

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finnigen Oct 25, 3:29 AM

You should make a YouTube channel!

Jakestocks52 Nov 02, 8:29 PM

"thats fucking malarkey" lmao, great video tho for real

Jakestocks52 Nov 02, 9:07 PM

i love this video, reasons why: 1. Live Trading is always an amazing way to learn 2. You're analysis of what you're seeing and thinking is just flat out Pure Gold 3. The video is long and so we have plenty of time to hear what you have to say, see what you're seeing, and reinterpret and connect the dots therefore we understand the logic behind the trading 4. the other bullets probably covered this but you just make it so clear what you're doing and why and its just amazing. I understand why Ti

Jakestocks52 Nov 02, 9:09 PM

I understand why Tim says your Intelligence is wayy ahead of your profits, you're gonna be a millionaire for sure, keep up the outstanding work and thank you soooo much for ALL the content you put out there for us and thanks for your help/commentary in the chatroom too

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Hi @Huddie, sorry for bothering you again, you have been somewhat of a silent mentor to me over the last year. I just have a question that has been tinkering for a while. When you are playing OE gap downs and shorting into daily res, do you always look into the filings with each play? Also if there is no active financing being done etc do you play it smaller or would you just go in with size if there is a perfect chart? I have been having moderate success with OE gap downs etc but from my data tracking they go r/g 42% of the time in 2018 which leads me to believe I should be looking to the filings for more conviction but would love your thoughts on the matter?

Huddie Aug 17, 7:53 AM

My size is generally determined by dollar risk, liquidity, and ideal chart set-up. Financing does not come into play as much with an o/e gap down, as it would with say, a short into resistance. I might be prone to playing more of a patience route if there is an active financing.

leiting Aug 18, 11:29 PM

This is a great answer and will help a lot. Thanks Huddie, appreciate all you do to give back.

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