@Jonk87 Hey guys, I was watching MBRX and I saw no filings mentioning public offerings previous to 2/16/2018. Then like the sketchy bio they are, the next morning they offer 9m shares. While i'm not surprised by this, I thought company's had to disclose previous to filing a 424b5, or can they file instantly and offer within 24hours? @timsykes @Huddie @RolandWolf @MichaelGoode didn't know who else to ask...thanks.

GT500 Feb 17, 2:46 AM

I have similar problem. I still don't know how exactly how offerings are made. More specific, I dont know what SEC file comes first out. Is it always first S-3, then they get EFECT from SEC and then company can do (whenever they want even a year later if they want to) ATM or 424b5? Where do I see is the offering is ATM? @tradescared, you should prbably know this.

Jonk87 Feb 20, 10:44 PM

best tihng to do is not over night long companies with no money or short term cash

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@RolandWolf Hello Roland. Quick question about your early small account strategy of trading overnight gappers. If in the morning the stock did not gap or run did you bail immediately? Or did you give the stock cushion to retreat a bit before running? (IE, if in at 3.50 did you give it room down to res at 3.20 or was it a always green or gone?) Thanks for your thoughts.

CaptainJames Feb 14, 8:18 AM

Great question, I hope he replies. Roland is an inspiration!

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@RolandWolf . HI man . congrats on your accomplishments .Quick question woul you use the otc multiday breakouts stratagy from trading tickers in listed stocks ? Thanks man

yuguyugu2 Jan 31, 2:54 AM

@neburabreu Tim G. also goes over his strategy for buying breakout listed stocks two chapters later. It's Chapter 8. As he notes they are very similar, but there are a few differences in his strategies between the two. Mainly he looks for higher volatility stocks and high volume, often all time high volume.

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@RolandWolf What do you think about AKER right now? FDA approval is right around the corner, trying to find a good position. Would like to hear your thoughts!

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@RolandWolf I've heard that you study 12 hours plus each day. I was wondering exactly what you recommend for me to study as I probably only end up studying around 2 hours a day. BTW, I have watched all of Tim;s DVDs, and many video lessons!

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