@RolandWolf Hi! I'm watching the DVD. Would you please add a speed option so I can listen on double speed? Thanks!

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LizLele Feb 10, 2:35 PM

Yea I agree but sometimes it keeps me more engaged

JoeBloggs Mar 24, 10:29 AM

I wouldn't double speed, devil is in the detail. So many gems.

LizLele Mar 24, 11:05 AM

I was in grad school and worked full time. I didn’t have time but I still tried

priscillac22 Sep 13, 1:37 AM

I have to watch Chapter 6 over and over just to get reading the flings down. Trying to find volumes. Its alot of work but can pay off in the end. Thank you Roland for your knowledge, it appreciated

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@RolandWolf I have been trying find a good dip entry point on charts such as $ECYT and $ARWR for a swing long trade. Not able to figure out where to enter such types of good Long Term Daily Charts. Can you please provide some insights on these? How would you have analyzed these 2 stocks?

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@RolandWolf I saw one of your interview video and it's like reading a book. It can be 500 pages long, but you really soak up about a sentence worth that you keep forever. In that interview, you didn't take profits early because you were looking at the "big picture" of what it was doing. There you took further gains and that has helped me alot when I trade today. By trading the big picture setup and not worry too much about the small noise in between, but not to also be complacent about the little noise that goes on.

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@RolandWolf just wanted to let you know Twitter set up a temporary account restriction. Just want to confirm this actually is you by an alternate route in case your account was compromised.

DevDevy Apr 13, 18 6:23 PM

His handle is RolandWolf86 :)

Simon144 Apr 13, 18 6:44 PM

@DevDevy Thanks. Thought something was off when none if the links worked and everything was retweeted from @RolandWolf86. I was DM by this account. Clincher was when they asked if I wanted in in a business deal. Sorry. I'm new to all of this.

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@RolandWolf Saw you interview on here recently and really happy for you and your family. I need to learn more, a lot more, before feeling comfortable enough to confidently trade. I have been watching the 14 videos Tim offers for FREE to all. Trading for the 1st 2 hours a day is tough right now for me. I heard loud and clear your hours were flexible at 1st in the family biz. How crazy would it be to do NOTHING but learn and educate myself the next 6 to 8 months, sell my house, take the proceeds and rent a place and trade with the remainder? Maybe I paper trade a few months too before doing this. I have a son and want to plan smart and not fast. I am willing to take the time to get there. Any key tips, videos, advice or words of wisdom to offer? Keep at man. I am impressed and happy for you.

Sylvia_cc Apr 12, 18 11:08 PM

I think selling your house in a very bad idea. Check Tim Grittani story.

Fox_Trader May 12, 18 7:30 PM

Defiantly not a good idea listen to Sylvia

joecrowley7777 May 12, 18 7:53 PM

Agree 100% and thanks for the gut check. I really count myself as fiscally conservative and will take the advice wholeheartedly.

AnneMarita May 15, 19 3:43 PM

@joecrowley7777 I've been trading for two years. Trading in Tim Sykes group and two other ones. One of them is a private group of just a handful of us. Many of us have reached 6 figures in trading now. Most started with about $10k trading account. It's enough to get going. The most important part is studying and practicing. People usually need 2-3 years to become profitable. Lot's of studying, is the name of the game!

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@RolandWolf Hey Roland I just starting to trade and I would like to know what dvds or lessons did you study when you start trading, please please let me know I will really appreciate this information. Thanks!

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