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dave1388 Dec 17, 18 10:46 AM

good to take a break from a mess. start off 2019 with a bang! sounds like you could use a little T & A time lol

kjc9trader Dec 18, 18 11:11 AM

Live YOUR Dream Bro... Not someone else's idea of 'the dream' ... Believe it or not - You have been an inspiration - maybe not so much from your trading, but your tenacity and dedication... Look what you've created - From Nothing - except an idea!! Hang in there! You know you have the support from the best of the best here... Hope to see you again in 2019...

Chance_Stearns Dec 20, 18 5:56 PM

You've been knocked down more than any trader I've ever seen. Keep getting back up and working on yourself and I really do see you being a millionaire trader one day.

LenoreO Mar 21, 7:48 PM

I've learned so much from the ST podcast and you add so much there. You seem to always ask the questions I'd love the answer to . And, I love your sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself. I know this is a few month old, but just wanted to pipe up and tell you, you've helped me a long on my newbie journey. :)

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LizLele Dec 10, 18 8:17 PM

Also do some exercise to shake up the chemicals in your brain. Listen to the audio book "Can't Hurt Me" from David Goggins. Gary Vee would say that if you think you are shit then you've probably heard it from an asshole. Also you can call me whenever. I'm funny, remember?

LizLele Dec 10, 18 8:20 PM

Oh and the best thing I ever learned - feelings are just that , feelings. They will all pass if you can weather their storms. The important thing to remember is that they are temporary. The best way to weather them is through being kind to yourself and meditation.

LizLele Dec 11, 18 12:06 PM

Get a blood test - see if any vitamins are low

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LizLele Nov 07, 18 8:32 AM

Don’t fucking stop Jeevan. Don’t even let the thought enter your mind. We the people and pigs of New Jersey want it. So fuckin’ give it to us. Oink oink motherfuckers lol

ZweetnLo Nov 09, 18 11:12 AM

I keep forgetting to watch your videos and when I do I love how in depth you go on the little details. Sometimes the mentors don't think to explain all those little details since they've been doing it for so long. So thank you for your insight! Looking forward to more! If you want more views maybe do some break dancing or juggling with swords in the middle of the video.

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