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LizLele Apr 26, 2:40 PM

When you are in something good like YGR, and you get a big chunk, sell half when nervous and let the other half ride. See if you can 'feel' where the bottom is. Tune into your intuition, and look at support lines.

LizLele Apr 26, 2:41 PM

SYPR was a FGD, only play with FRD. No point wrestling with the market.

LizLele Apr 26, 2:42 PM

Very proud of you for trying really hard!

LizLele Apr 26, 2:43 PM

I traded SYPR today bc it was a FRD w volume resistance, no news, failed spiker daily. It dropped 30 cents, but at 10 cents in it felt weird so I got out.

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LizLele Apr 12, 9:03 AM

You did better good job. I still say, get rid of pre market trading, get rid of 52 week high break out charts, get rid of more than one entry/exit per stock.

LizLele Apr 12, 9:04 AM

When your car broke down and you feel emotional, what about feeling the hard to be with feelings and skipping trading?

LizLele Apr 12, 9:07 AM

When daily looks like shit, take one entry, set a risk of 5 or 10 cents and wait to get stopped out. If it drops you’ll get 20/30/40 cents before a bounce.

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Jonk87 Apr 12, 6:24 AM

@LizLele SEAC become a 52 week BO but was low vol res at the open

LizLele Apr 12, 9:09 AM

@Jonk87 but it was a first Green Day no? That would automatically make me avoid it. I don’t touch anything green on the day.

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FancyNancy Mar 07, 11:35 AM

Thank you!! You are an inspiration!

verty Mar 10, 5:05 PM

I've been following you for Jonks Donks on YouTube, keep inspiring

Windwalzer Mar 18, 12:43 PM

Thank you for proving how important it is to keep studying, watch the charts, hang in there, and never give up. You share from your heart Thank you.

naveedahmed Apr 04, 11:30 AM

Love the beautiful brazilian girl narrative

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