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Jonk87 Jun 12, 7:10 AM

VXRT not a small history of running its 8 - 24 few months back its huge - no need to wait for the break out either it either rips in morning or forms a nice wedge to risk a few off.

Jonk87 Jun 12, 7:11 AM

few % off - just correcting above - but year this stock looks to be in play now don't wory about support resistance levels just look for a great opportunity to buy intra day with solid risk u already know the reward is crazy high potential

TessaLamping Jun 12, 7:57 AM

@Jonk87 that's good to know. Sure helps having experience with the stocks history/personality, thanknyou for that =). Thanks.for the tip

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billhamlet May 31, 10:02 AM

Stephen J. I love your transparency. As a new trader only (2) months in, you give me so much hope. Thank you sir, for sharing your truth!

mikesomer Jun 18, 2:07 AM

Jonk87, doing well. Congrats. Can you or anyone tell me which data packages i need on IBK to trade like you guys? Thanks

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LizLele Apr 26, 2:40 PM

When you are in something good like YGR, and you get a big chunk, sell half when nervous and let the other half ride. See if you can 'feel' where the bottom is. Tune into your intuition, and look at support lines.

LizLele Apr 26, 2:41 PM

SYPR was a FGD, only play with FRD. No point wrestling with the market.

LizLele Apr 26, 2:42 PM

Very proud of you for trying really hard!

LizLele Apr 26, 2:43 PM

I traded SYPR today bc it was a FRD w volume resistance, no news, failed spiker daily. It dropped 30 cents, but at 10 cents in it felt weird so I got out.

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