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LizLele Nov 07, 8:32 AM

Don’t fucking stop Jeevan. Don’t even let the thought enter your mind. We the people and pigs of New Jersey want it. So fuckin’ give it to us. Oink oink motherfuckers lol

ZweetnLo Nov 09, 11:12 AM

I keep forgetting to watch your videos and when I do I love how in depth you go on the little details. Sometimes the mentors don't think to explain all those little details since they've been doing it for so long. So thank you for your insight! Looking forward to more! If you want more views maybe do some break dancing or juggling with swords in the middle of the video.

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mnrivera2017 Oct 06, 10:01 PM

Taking the challenge with you, focus on the same mission. Attend the conference we had to miss this year due to unplanned life events. When we are there shaking hands we will be in green status.

Fox_Trader Oct 09, 6:39 AM

Wish I could have gone work wouldn't let me off .

LHowell Oct 09, 5:32 PM

Thanks for sharing your introspection. Best wishes in working toward your goal for next conference...oh, and maybe stay away from bikes!

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