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brandonkoy Dec 14, 22 4:03 AM

old overnight because 200% up with no news. 2nd day gap down and panic. 3rd day set a higher low back on watch. Looking to break 1st initial high. Next trade Thursday missed morning spike. 2.35 resistance from Monday. Broke 2.35 big pullback to 2.20s held started pushing back up into resistance. Entry 2.38 did not hold long because move was so fast and straight up no consolidation. Exit into spikes 2.68 avg. Got up into 3. Runners that are not dying there is possibility for a short squeeze. Jus

Crazey_Canuck Feb 07, 23 9:25 AM

Thanks Roland going over your dvd as well

parvitrade Feb 28, 2:33 AM

Thanks RolandWolf - Still working

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AndrewRaleigh Jul 11, 17 10:10 PM

Thanks for the Karma.....Just Followed you to track your progress. We are starting at the same in general time. This will be fun....Good Luck Tomorrow!

Kingstonstock85 Jul 12, 17 5:58 AM

Review how to make millions by Tim Sykes and Trade the Ticker by Tim Grittani. But your USD 500 will not cover that. What I do is review the risk levels on every trade. The lower the price, the higher the risk (or you need quick fingers). Nasdaq stocks move very fast!

Kingstonstock85 Jul 12, 17 5:59 AM

Thus the lower positions I take. Because I notice that 4 dollar stocks are easier to manage (at break out / opening of the market) then 0.80 dollar stocks.

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