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dfletch91 Apr 06, 3:16 PM

BRO!!! it's been a while since I've reached out to you, I just finished up studying your latest webinar. there about an 1hr and a half long but it takes me about 3 hrs to study them so I've gotta watched them archived so I can digest the information. I love the way you teach you have know idea how much you've helped me! like you mentioned about 3 or 4 webbys's ago my biggest adversary right now is me! not executing at key levels (hesitating) and lack of discipline (chasing) fear of losing instan

dfletch91 Apr 06, 3:23 PM

ly becoming fear of missing out. but I know that that only I can fix that problem. Anyway just wanna send my 100% gratitude and give you an update on my trading journey🙏🙏🙏

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ArtOfWar Jan 19, 3:44 PM

@cmwilliams3660 I appreciate it. I actually didn't take offense. I trade like a profitable millionaire trader so it is only a matter of time until the money shows it. I was actually trying to get him to understand it is merely a number. Again I appreciate your acknowledgement and support. Always love adding value however I can.

DDT Feb 02, 6:48 PM

Thanks Ellis.

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aaronmizellam Jun 27, 22 2:32 PM

Be Prepared!! Study Hard! Repeat! Thanks Roland!

Sal777 Sep 03, 22 11:46 PM

Thanks Roland !

brandonkoy Jan 13, 23 1:54 AM

dangerous spread on the af dip buy. great examples of executing on your plan as well as being prepared for the opportunity on both the af trade and the bitcoin trade.

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