$1,158 profit NNE Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this recent runner on a big new analyst price target https://tim.ly/3xes0d1 and its been uptrending all day, very similar to REPL which was a nice winner for me last week, goal it to make 5-10-15%, we'll see if it can speed up like REPL did

Exit comments: ABSOLUTELY PERFECT GAP UP, WHAT A CRAZYYYYY WIN STREAK NOW MY WEEKEND STRATEGY HAS BEEN ON!!! Just locking in this single as this stock moves fast and I don't want to risk giving up my gains as all my targets have been met, potential dip buy into any big panic though, congrats to all on this one

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DanPJ76 Jun 17, 3:57 PM

Great gap up. Thanks.

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sgnethery May 30, 3:26 PM

might need a video on this one, i dont see anything special that tells me this stk going to go up stupid high and fast, other than thenews that just came out

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