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millerruth23 Feb 28, 6:21 PM

Thanks for the video, appreciate the time

Mali Feb 28, 8:01 PM

Thank you Kyle.

holtz Mar 01, 12:32 AM

Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this video. It was very helpful to a noob like me. Very grateful to be allowed into your thought process during this insane time of the market. Thanks again!

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Aiden Feb 24, 1:08 PM

yeah man would deffo like more vids :)

Valik_Vista Feb 24, 6:58 PM

I really appreciate your video... so much useful info!

RIKROS Feb 25, 12:13 AM

Hi, I recently started listed stocks trading. I would like to trade OTC stocks. May I know which is the best brokerage company to trade OTC stocks. Thanks!!!!

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[TimChallenge] well took a massive loss on MMNFF resulting in -50kish on the say, big picture only gave back yesterday's gains but doesn't justify my terrible trading. I have never and will never trade like today again

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[TimChallenge] all covered ALPP not breaking down and dont care to swing on this one, locked in 9500ish

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[TimChallenge] $57k today with lots more opportunity tomorrow see you guys later!

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[TimChallenge] first 6 figure week for me! insane market. Enjoy your three day weekend everyone!

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