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emschwarm May 15, 9:02 PM

Great video man. I need to get a better handle on Level 2. Any recommendations on where to read or video? I found the challenge video Tim did years ago, as he I believe admits, isn’t that great. Like you recognized a shakeout and how that helped you. You’re a great inspiration in the chat. Thanks for always revealing g your shit in there!!

PhillipHampton May 16, 12:09 AM

Awesome Job! Great video lesson! I hope to see you again at the next conference

DDT May 16, 12:37 AM

Thanks Jake! Love the explanation of thought process - appreciate it!

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LindaDKing May 09, 4:49 PM

I might not be the best student but you are a great teacher Mr.Hobbs and I am learning every time I see one of your webinars or videos! I'm still in this game and with your help will someday be a success! Thank you!

DDT May 17, 9:13 PM

Thanks Ellis.

Cybergunner May 18, 12:53 AM

Excellent Delivery! You make me want to say TEACH!!!!! I must follow you. Now, I believe that I have a chance. Thanks!!!!

straderstock May 20, 10:25 AM

That chart comparison is so useful. Thank you Ellis!

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Forever grateful for all we have in this world. Thank you God. Happy Easter all, hope you have a blessed time with family and loved ones!

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Update on small account challenge of $5k since February 2nd just crossed +$3k today rebuilding that foundation very nicely so far. Trading less trading smaller adapting to what the market is rewarding. Missing tons of plays keeping losses small so far so good. Might allow myself to size back up a little bit at the end of this week if I hang onto this Rhythm 🤘🏻. Hope everyone is having a great February im curious what’s the biggest lessons some of you guys have learned so far this month post in the comments. Let’s hear the good the bad and the ugly. Are you up or down? And how well are you adapting to the current conditions ?

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Wacker Feb 12, 9:46 PM

Having a plan and sticking to it “Patience “ I’m a relatively new trader so I’m excited after 5 months of studying and paper trading. I have developed somewhat of a comfort level because I’m prepared and not shooting from the hip. Yes I’m up this month 👍👍

Jayray_68 Feb 12, 10:43 PM

@Wacker solid👍🏻 keep up the good work don’t be afraid to take it slow. There’s ALOT of learning curves and there’s no expiration to becoming a successful trader. Slow and steady is the way to do it👍🏻

DDT Feb 16, 5:50 PM

Slowly climbing back from the losses, one goode trade at a time. You've been an inspiration Jake - Keep doing what you're doing man, appreciate it.

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dfletch91 Apr 06, 3:16 PM

BRO!!! it's been a while since I've reached out to you, I just finished up studying your latest webinar. there about an 1hr and a half long but it takes me about 3 hrs to study them so I've gotta watched them archived so I can digest the information. I love the way you teach you have know idea how much you've helped me! like you mentioned about 3 or 4 webbys's ago my biggest adversary right now is me! not executing at key levels (hesitating) and lack of discipline (chasing) fear of losing instan

dfletch91 Apr 06, 3:23 PM

ly becoming fear of missing out. but I know that that only I can fix that problem. Anyway just wanna send my 100% gratitude and give you an update on my trading journey🙏🙏🙏

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