Hi Mark, I got in (sold the put) $HTZ the other day at .5 and .54 it was moving fast. I bought the put to close this morning at .96 and .84. It was nice. I thought I had bought the put to open, I tried to sell the put to close and it said I was opening a trade. I was baffled. Luckily it was when the options don't trade so I went to my monitor tab and researched what I had done and understood what I need to do to get out of the trade. I also looked back at the Opinions Course Guidelines and check to make sure I had messed up (which I knew I had) so looking at the BYND buy calls going up buy puts when going down. So many lessons to learn. Thank you. When the spread on JSK is 6.10 to 6.9 is that bad for the trader? I know it's good for the market maker. Thank you so much for your time. I hope you get this message.

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