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simonfuture2 Jan 23, 8:11 AM

What’s up, this was really great video. I really would like to have a conversation with you one day, if you ever do that YouTube video, be cool to have someone to talk trading with as well. Being new to this it’s hard to find the right ppl to grow and surround yourself with and I’m trying to do that too. Let me know if u are ever free to talk.

Vulcantrader1 Feb 17, 1:18 PM

We all want to be consistent. Thanks Ellis.

broadaway1 Mar 23, 1:56 PM

Thank You! I needed to here this! May God continue to bless you and your family.

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tatievj Mar 15, 1:59 PM

By far the best explanations I have seen as to how to build a watchlist and evaluate the stocks... as always a big thank you to you!

ArtOfWar Mar 15, 5:33 PM

I appreciate the compliments.

Kui_Kibandy Aug 24, 8:55 AM

You have a way of simplifying difficult concepts and making them crystallize in one's mind; but by far my favourite part in most of your videos is when you name the bag holders! I always look forward to Lisa Rayray,Pookie,Tommy, Becky... so funny!

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TessaLamping Dec 13, 20 11:44 AM

@ArtOfWar my apologies i didn't reference the ticker. I was talking about ZOM that gapped up. I just saw Tim Grittani do something kind of smart in trading tickers. Im pretty consistent with Morning Panic Dip Buys. MPDB is my bread and butter. Im watching this video again.

ArtOfWar Dec 13, 20 1:40 PM

@TessaLamping Nice!. Its great to have that B&B. Something always to fall back on when things start to fall away from the process

Crazey_Canuck Dec 27, 20 7:12 PM

As Tim would say you want max Panic Nice Ellis 30to 50% drop then watch for the stacking action on L2 with confirmation of Volume green candle for reversal awesome thank you I was aware of the max Panic part the L2 action was not sure about thank you Peace Out

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