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Androo Sep 05, 6:08 PM

wowie! Very cool and clean setup! I can see how this would help you focus on trading. I love the tulipmania frame- its applicable even to this day (w Bitcoin-mania and Tesla-mania). Looks like your watchlist is on your tablet. Is this your home-office or a designated space you're renting?

reverselong Sep 05, 6:20 PM

@Androo yea Lol Tulipmania is basically Tesla chart. Yea definitely the office helps me get into concentration so much better. It's basically the smallest office in the US Bank Tower in LA. It's all the way up there in side the skyscraper. If not for the pandemic it includes access to the rooftop sky terrace where I like to take my wall street journal and books to read. bummer!

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reverselong Sep 06, 2:42 PM

i think you mean sub dollar, not sub penny.... yes?

reverselong Sep 06, 3:23 PM

Also, I think you need to consider float more when comparing.... MCRB is a 50 million float stock and SSNT is a sub 2 million float stock.... not sure what their catalysts were, but they are going to have different types of priceaction and the comparison is confusing. In general though, why do you short sub $2 stocks? All the great shortsellers avoid this.... seems like a good rule no?

Windwalzer Sep 07, 1:45 PM

Thank you for sharing, it gives me a better idea what a short seller looks for and what is working for you.

Gambler6 Sep 12, 10:59 AM

Great overview and analysis on these trades, thanks for sharing. Love the final thoughts on where you're at...definitely a nice place to be in life to show up and see what's available to play, and sit out when there is none. More golf...less losses!

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reverselong Aug 31, 11:21 AM

tradervue counts a trade differently as they go by tickers. however, im in and out of the same ticker multiple times. i dont have a max #. i just try to stay within 2-3 tickers max as I know the more tickers I trade the less odds in general. the days with more tickers are usually slower days where I'm in and out of the stock for small gains as I changed my mind about my plan. For example, I shorted MOGU without knowing about the earnings date being that same day, so I got out quickly... counted

reverselong Aug 31, 11:37 AM

@Lyoness also for looking at the 11th and 18th, it says 1 trade, but i shorted and reshorted those days the same ticker in and out a few times.

Lyoness Aug 31, 12:13 PM

Thank you. I appreciate seeing everyone's approaches.

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