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simonfuture2 Jan 13, 7:18 PM

this is a very nice and great note and paying respect to ur uncle, is wonderful. im glad you stuck it out and shared your journey, bc u are helping me, i know how it feels to be at this alone, i have no other support, or belief in me, my fam. have always known me for doing my own thing, so its just nothing. so i get to gain my inspiration and spirit from the lessons you and the rest of the mentors offer. stay humble and i wish you conitnued success bro! i hope to one day, get a chance to have a

simonfuture2 Jan 13, 7:20 PM

conversation with you and the other mentors. but until then, i am just silent and listening, bc that is the best thing a new trader could do. all the questions have been answered with all the videos and lessons and youtube, you just have to find it and study it. lets continue to work hard and get better with each day.

PreciousAzizi Jan 13, 9:53 PM

Thanks for sharing Jackaroo! Very reassuring for newbies like me... stick with it!

MarlonMarkus Jan 14, 1:45 AM

Very, very motivating and inspiring...thanks for sharing!

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Windwalzer Oct 01, 20 8:54 PM

Thank you for sharing the difficulties of these months.

Kingsalini Oct 02, 20 7:32 AM

As always good shit my G #TheSquidad BEST TEAM MOVING!!

D22 Oct 02, 20 10:49 PM

Thanks Kyle. good chit-chat in there

reverselong Oct 03, 20 9:29 AM

Solid run down. The slower months make us better traders for later. Then when at a certain level, just take a month or so off i think is best. september just so frustrating and more like playing against your own demons. instead of the market

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reverselong Oct 02, 20 12:35 PM

also, tradervue is best to disect stats and go over trades fyi

BBaccSoon Oct 03, 20 1:29 PM

@reverselong Ye I love Tradervue, definitely worth the money. Sometimes when trading small I like to use gross since commissions might give you a distorted view of your performance.

reverselong Oct 04, 20 8:23 AM

@BBaccSoon yes, that is true. however if you are spending too much on commissions but improving with trading, maybe gotta switch the brokers up. for example, if going long maybe you trade with brokers that have free commissions. Also with shorting Trade zero sucks. if you hold over night with trade zero, its like $300/night. gotta be aware and keep track of slippage as it does eat up unnecessarily.

BBaccSoon Oct 04, 20 10:23 AM

@reverselong Ye I wanted to hop on etrade but unfortunately they don't operate in Canada. Even IB Lite is only for U.S. customers. I will keep that in mind for Trade Zero, thanks. I did open an account there a few months back but was waiting until I had more capital to fund it to short tickers I wouldn't be able to with IB. But based on that it seems best to just wait until I have enough to go with a broker like Cobra or Centerpoint.

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