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Bought too soon

Posted: Apr 29, 4:12 PM/

I should have never made this trade or gotten greedy. almost killed all my gains. ended the day at positive 23.00 from this stock down from the 320.00 gain made before.

Posted: Apr 29, 2:23 PM/

Same mistakes. Rinse and Repeat.

Posted: Apr 29, 1:31 AM/

Took a back seat to my priority accounts. .0037 call and entry would have looked better. Good trade nonetheless

Posted: Apr 29, 12:16 PM/

Sold a bit I had added after it broke out, still holding core position here to see what happens.

Posted: Apr 29, 7:03 AM/

first red day

Posted: Apr 30, 1:33 PM/

Ran out of patience with this one, dropped perfectly and I took 10 percent of position out for slight profit, and held all day when it went zzzz I got out. A wins a win. This is a perfect set up I am comfortable with because it not a former runner, mid size cap, not much vol and topping visually

Posted: Apr 30, 9:24 AM/

Good trade

Posted: Apr 29, 7:24 AM/

I was looking for a spike back to the high of 1.93 with my stop at 1.60. I was expecting a quicker spike and when that didn't happen I cut my losses quickly.

Posted: Apr 29, 10:05 AM/

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