Hello everyone , (Tim my personal Golden greetings), Question to "Robinhood'ers" I understand that the platform is childish, but I'm new and without commission it's easier start for me understand business. ....... within a month I buy and sell only through a limit order (according rules word best stocker Tim Sykes). And Every Time-Every my transaction "Robinhood" divide in-Partial Execution Order. For example, I buy 100 shares through the limit buy they give me a 5 on my price & after that the price go down, I go out after that I again go into the game with new price and again they cut my shares and so on..... Sale situation Is identical and That constantly repeated with every my stock. ...My guess is "Robinhood" trying deeply filtering(controlling) stack transaction for own advantage. My question to people who trading on "Robinhood" platform: 1.Did you meet with such a situation before? 2.Whether it meets on professional platforms like ETrade,TD Ameritrade? Thank you.:)

allanazucena Mar 10, 9:30 PM

Its normal for all broker it just means that the stock that you are trading is very illiquid low volume that is why you only get partial it will complete eventually but the only problem with that is when you get partial then the stock moves up way up you only have small share because it didnt execute all of your share buys

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Added margin privileges to my Scottrade account so I can now do short sells. Also opened small ETrade account today with margin. So a total of 9 day trades per week now possible. That should be sufficient number of trades to work with as I grow my knowledge and trading ability.

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[TimChallenge] Too bad ETrade didn't have shares PLUM at 1.82 when It double topped and I tried. oh well


[SuperAlerts] $SGNL was restricted at ETrade yesterday for buy orders, had to call in, which is why i passed on it at 6. That worked out.


@ConnorAlerts Could you give advice even though I haven't paid for a membership yet? I just opened my first account today with just $500. I am 20 years old. I have always wanted to trade stocks since Ive been young but was either broke or scared. I just wanted to know if I should be using ETrade for penny stocks. I noticed something in their rules about no short selling. I am going to continue watchin many more of your videos before my first trade and will subscribe to a membership here once my transfer in complete and Im ready to trade. Please just answer that one question. Thanks in advance Connor!

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