calvinw Jul 10, 11:13 PM

Not at all exited about VISL or TRXC but lets see what the sector and AM session brings us.

charan Jul 11, 12:22 AM

i have been watching NIO since was as at 2.90, havent been able to pull the trigger :(

calvinw Jul 11, 7:56 AM

@charan Don't feel bad. I experience that issue daily. Hopefully in time we all will get the Croock and Sykes nerve, LOL! Good luck!

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calvinw May 28, 10:36 PM

Working to try and tone down so many selections on my WL. I am really going through the motions of feeling like I am getting close to understanding some basics, but still get overwhelmed by posting or paying attention to too many stocks. I am working to use my Mp3 Rocket screen recorder to do some vids. Not sure how they will turn out, or if i can even load them. Tried one already, but it was denied. Good luck with the Wednesday session, and I'll try to add a video in the AM if not sooner.

calvinw May 29, 8:58 AM

Removed SOLO (bad chart), corrected ADVL (to be AVDL) and add SOLY

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BruceLeeroy May 26, 2:53 AM

watched the video 2x. shined a light on why stocks spiked so much on lower volume in the past. and not do the same on comparable volume now a days.. cheers. @fundamentalanalysis

mynbtsa May 28, 10:36 PM

Great video and excellent detail , Thanks Huddie

darrellwayne13 Jun 24, 11:50 PM

NVCN has gone up ever since you posted this video. Now what's the strategy???

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