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holtzy Mar 01, 21 12:32 AM

Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this video. It was very helpful to a noob like me. Very grateful to be allowed into your thought process during this insane time of the market. Thanks again!

clsams05 Mar 01, 21 10:10 PM

appreciate it as always kyle, thank you!

clsams05 Mar 02, 21 10:59 PM

thanks for the feb recap!!

Windwalzer Mar 10, 21 8:26 PM

Thank you for another monthly recap. It's great to see how you have progressed over this year that I've been in the challenge.

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Lyoness Sep 03, 20 11:37 AM

Thank you. I haven't yet taken a trading break really since starting, except that if I don't see any of my setups forming, I'll call it a day and spend the rest of the time with my kids. This is all really good to keep in mind, thank you.

Lyoness Sep 03, 20 4:49 PM

Whoa. I watched your video and then I went and analyzed how well I have *played* all of my plays. I have tons of data on whether or not the plays should work, but I had not yet looked at how well I played them. It was eye opening, to say the least. Thank you for the motivation.

Nachos Sep 16, 20 11:51 AM

Great video

MannyAFVet Sep 16, 20 11:53 AM

TY Bud---great video and advise... I definitely need a break and should be refining my setups.. Your Spanglish sucks-lol--

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kylecw2 Jun 27, 20 2:36 PM

@khoango a couple to a few thousand at the minimum. But you need to make sure you're willing to risk that amount.

Ary_Baba Oct 11, 20 10:35 PM

Thanks for the risk management lesson. Really helpful to keep that discipline.

GGTrader89 Nov 08, 20 11:58 AM

this was an awesome risk management explanation. Read about it in the complete penny stocking guide, but this really broke it down. Believe the "numbers" app on my MacBook does the same thing so im gonna start there, using this spreadsheet setup. really valuable info for someone in their first year. thanks again brother.

Crazey_Canuck Feb 24, 21 11:10 PM

Thank You Kyle 2nd time watching have it bookmarked Peace Out

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LizLele Mar 12, 20 10:23 PM

Hey I remember you! I’m good how’s trading for you?

TonyG1 Mar 13, 20 8:12 AM

Ive been in the challenge since Nov 17 and all of the relentless study is finally paying off. My account going into 2020 was -3k now its +3K. I found my edge in shorting oegd. Its risky only if u dont keep a tight stop but the rewards are HUGE. Dont give up girl keep studying #nodaysoff... U can do this!

LizLele Mar 13, 20 10:39 AM

Those are also Stephen’s favorites. Nice I’m happy for you!

TonyG1 Mar 13, 20 11:25 AM

Liz, r u still in the challenge?

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Rak Dec 31, 20 6:32 PM

Awesome, thanks Kyle

Crazey_Canuck Feb 20, 21 7:24 PM

Very Cool Kyle Thank you for the shift in mindset about the spreadsheet, not using this as an excuse its a fact some of us are like almost in our 60's not quite yet LOL I am all down for learning. Realize you are the next generation, me not so much. Anyways I'm typing this with one finger setup and thank god for spell check LMAO. I will be in touch.

AndrewDailey Jan 10, 10:54 PM

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Rafaelkeller Jun 20, 5:50 AM

I even have adopted the attitude that all and sundry and everyone who wants to learn to change should additionally discover ways to use excel for the motive as a trading journal and change tracking. You ought to lose your target market right from the primary paragraph without an attractive establishing. Your opening phrases might be coined from a famous literary textual content, anecdotes, or a movie. In choosing your starting sentences, but, you must now narrative es

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Happy B'Day Mate! Didnt see your message earlier. I was going to long SLDB but didnt think it had that much juice so when it got overextended in the 7s I shorted for a quick $100 gain. If I would have held the short I would be up over $600 now. Ouch! Cheers

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TonyG1 Dec 18, 19 4:16 PM

Good Stuff Kyle. Especially that fomo...Its no joke, its like fighting an addiction! tks

MoonShot Dec 20, 19 10:26 AM

Your videos cut right to the chase. Extremely helpful and I always come away with something I wasn't doing or wasn't aware of. Thanks for taking the time to do them!

Sky_Hi_Trading Dec 23, 19 9:00 PM

Wow when I first heard you say get your watchlist, find a stock thats setting up, make your plan and then sit there and watch without playing it I was like are you F'n crazy Kyle?? But then it made perfect sense!! It's actually right in line with the WHM and the cold showers/ice baths! Thanks for another great and helpful video!!!

Crazey_Canuck Feb 15, 21 7:09 PM

Very Cool Kyle really enjoy how deep you get with this and I think it's a must Steenbbarger The daily trading coach is to become the observer to what is going on, that's trading and it's a lot of work. Thank you so much great lesson here Peace Out Kyle

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