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Androo Apr 12, 8:35 AM

wow, very cool! Thats a crazy setup mate. Moving to Puerto will be the dream. Did you meet Sang Lucci?

Kingsalini Apr 12, 4:20 PM

I can't wait man keep inspiring just like the rest of the crew #TheSquidad best team moving waiting on the trade recap....she kept melting was wondering if you kept at it regular market hours lol

kennyw833 Apr 25, 9:15 PM

hey, I'm going to be moving there in June!

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RChen Sep 10, 20 3:10 AM

I did not trade. Thank you for your post your Watchlist. i will watch close those stocks tomorrow.

Androo Sep 10, 20 8:07 AM

@elpaisa701 ideal entry would be if it perks to $5-5.10 but then starts getting weak and holding under vwap on low volume

wbern4688 Sep 10, 20 8:22 AM

thanks for posting i have not developed a short strategy yet i keep following along with these trades and learning all the time good work

Windwalzer Sep 10, 20 1:29 PM

Thank you for sharing, it's very helpful.

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Alias_noa Mar 19, 1:58 PM

What resources have actually helped your trading the most? I find a lot of garbage by people who used some gimmick which no longer works, or people who teach to trade because they couldn't profit consistently.

Alias_noa Mar 19, 1:59 PM

Wasn't done typing that, anyway just wondering which resources actually helped you profit?

reverselong Mar 19, 5:38 PM

@Alias_noa all of them. i spend 18 hours a day doing everything. you sound like you make excuses for yourself to actually take the time to learn everything.

Alias_noa Mar 19, 7:01 PM

I have spent a lot of time learning, but when I learn new concepts I backtest them programmatically. They very rarely pan out long-term. The only ones I have seen that work are shorting pumps like Steven Dux does, or writing a program that catches pump and dumps really quickly which I did for cryptos but then they stopped having them for some reason so I wasn't able to use it much. Besides, not "all" resources can help...anyone can write a book without any proof of trading succesfully. I coul

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Lyoness Sep 03, 20 11:37 AM

Thank you. I haven't yet taken a trading break really since starting, except that if I don't see any of my setups forming, I'll call it a day and spend the rest of the time with my kids. This is all really good to keep in mind, thank you.

Lyoness Sep 03, 20 4:49 PM

Whoa. I watched your video and then I went and analyzed how well I have *played* all of my plays. I have tons of data on whether or not the plays should work, but I had not yet looked at how well I played them. It was eye opening, to say the least. Thank you for the motivation.

Nachos Sep 16, 20 11:51 AM

Great video

MannyAFVet Sep 16, 20 11:53 AM

TY Bud---great video and advise... I definitely need a break and should be refining my setups.. Your Spanglish sucks-lol--

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Michelino12 Jul 12, 20 1:16 PM

awesome man! I hope to get like you soon!

Crazey_Canuck Oct 19, 20 10:08 PM

Very Cool Matt Would love to see some of your trades live and really get into more detail Congrats on your success and love the TWIST episodes

Vulcantrader1 Feb 21, 3:17 PM

You are doing a great job Matt. You need to make more videos. You explain everything very clear.

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