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Sky_Hi_Trading Nov 29, 11:27 PM

Thanks Kyle awesome vid and great rules and explanations!! #8 hit home for me! I do tend to get transfixed on the 1 minute chart and next thing you know I forget the bigger picture and I also lose my patience cause it seems like I've been waiting forever! Much appreciation for your transparency and willingness to help your fellow traders!!

DanVN Dec 01, 12:36 AM

i love to learn from new trader like you, maybe your explain is easy to understand more than super pro trader, Thanks

ElleDiane Dec 04, 12:53 PM

This was a great video, thanks so much!

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Ahardmove Nov 05, 5:13 PM

And I by no means think I am even remotely good at this. I am just trying to learn and share and would love feedback. I am looking forward to seeing if I just got real lucky or am really learning :)

Androo Nov 05, 5:19 PM

yes, ALPP was similar to DCGD as a short, if you were dip buying ALPP was more predictable however. You gotta watch the chart not blindly place orders tho. If you get executed at 20c, what if it drops to 10c?

Ahardmove Nov 06, 6:40 PM

I am usually checking thru the day but do loose service from time to time. Also because of having to run my business still I am looking more at trades that I will hold for a time vs pure day trading which I am looking forward to getting into more as I have time. So right now though I don't risk anything I am not fully ok with loosing. But there is always that chance it does die out. I was meaning though more than just yesterday on ALPP but more of how the run up has been going and looks a lot li

Ahardmove Nov 06, 6:43 PM

like on DCGD when it first started running. Then today it came back u similar to DCGD after the red day on 7/23. I haven't figured out yet how to check interday charts on STT when older than 1 month. @Androo

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Sebastians Sep 27, 5:48 AM

loved this, really well written, you're going to go a long way! it sucks it's taken me 9 months to realize a lot of this but that means i'm getting somewhere right!

oilz_well Nov 01, 2:05 PM

Message very well received, you have hit on a couple of stages in my life that are driving factors. You are another positive for me and how I need to keep my goals in sight and stop self sabotaging myself.

carlos_ex Nov 01, 8:30 PM

Good stuff man. Thank you.

waten1 Dec 02, 5:24 PM

Thank you for your insight!

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