[TimChallenge] alright I am done - $2.7k today which just about doubles my month to this point.

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[TimChallenge] After 11 years of payments I finally paid off my private student loans this morning. Had $16k left at the start of 2021 and paid it all off with trading profits!

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[TimChallenge] Helpful Mindset tip: If you make a winning trade and view it as "I made up for....." then you are not trading with a clear head - learn from your losses, don't make up for them - take it one trade at a time. "I want to make up for... or I want to get back to green on the day" leads to over trading and bad trades. Come to terms with your losses and then move forward.

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[TimChallenge] ok flat on everything - puts me at 1311 on the day and 30016 on the month. Unless we get something too good to pass up this afternoon I think I will end my 2020 on that note. What a month!

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[TimChallenge] Man chasing these little karma hearts trying to click them is a large part of how I spend my time in chat

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[TimChallenge] crossed $50k in profits today (51k of which has been since June 1st) - Not the biggest milestone and still taking it one trade at a time, but definitely grateful for consistent profitability after my first year in the challenge (joined 12/2/19). Up $12k on the month $8500 of that coming from this week. (which was my previous best month). Anyway, thanks Tim and everyone, I have learned a ton this year, glad to be a lifetime member now.

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marin Mar 27, 2:13 PM

Thanks Jack

didixiu Apr 27, 10:30 PM

Thank you. Very informative

Rocks2Stocks May 11, 8:45 PM

thanks jack i just got done watching all your videos on here and i got ALOT of really good tips thank you for making these, would love to see how your mind is working these days, if anything has changed, great job making it jack you definitely inspired me more on studying even harder to make it

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TheLostNomad Mar 31, 9:16 AM

Awesome play man! Great video. Thank you.

Crazey_Canuck Mar 31, 10:27 PM

Fantastic Video Huddie loved the the Level 2 and the clearly defined plays Booked marked this one. Peace Out

Crazey_Canuck Apr 03, 7:22 PM

Awesome Huddie watched again, if you are having trouble with Level 2 watch this a couple of times. Thank you so much Peace out

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