[TimChallenge] ok flat on everything - puts me at 1311 on the day and 30016 on the month. Unless we get something too good to pass up this afternoon I think I will end my 2020 on that note. What a month!

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[TimChallenge] Man chasing these little karma hearts trying to click them is a large part of how I spend my time in chat

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[TimChallenge] crossed $50k in profits today (51k of which has been since June 1st) - Not the biggest milestone and still taking it one trade at a time, but definitely grateful for consistent profitability after my first year in the challenge (joined 12/2/19). Up $12k on the month $8500 of that coming from this week. (which was my previous best month). Anyway, thanks Tim and everyone, I have learned a ton this year, glad to be a lifetime member now.

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scaredcynical Dec 26, 20 10:56 PM

Less is more! Thanks for the video, great to see what you were going through earlier in your journey and how you adapted!

MOKI Jan 04, 5:37 PM

Thanks Jack, I'm literally going through the same thing right now and staying away from patterns that don't make me money. Kudos!

Rhin0 Jan 25, 3:09 PM

Thank you Jack!

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SurfinWaves Sep 14, 20 4:44 PM

I love this video. One of your best Huddie!!

Zarnigor Oct 15, 20 8:56 PM

what accaunt you use to short OTC ?

Vox Dec 01, 20 7:36 PM

I see now why Sykes mentioned the necessity of Lvl2 on for this strategy when Joel told me "you have to feel it out."

castlemain Jan 24, 5:34 PM

Damn good video. Watched this 3 times. Best 76 minutes I've spent in a while. Thanks Huddie.

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