Received 2 Karmas
sarimanap Sep 01, 8:45 PM

I am up $2800 today. All will be donated

Forest_Dump Sep 17, 7:34 PM

That’s awesome where are you donating to?

sarimanap Sep 18, 12:30 AM

@Forest_Dump in May and June, donated to my religious temple to help the poor during Covid, in July, donated to willow domestic abuse shelter in my area, August I donated $4500 total ($1000 through karmagawa explosion in Lebanon, $500 through karmagawa for hungry kids in Yemen, rest is for my endowment fund to my school I graduated from for their technology fund).

Forest_Dump Sep 18, 12:33 AM

@sarimanap that’s pretty amazing to be honest I am really pushing forward on this to be successful and give back much like you and tim Sykes who donate to charity. Glad there are traders like you Sari and keep up the good work

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