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Perez351 May 25, 10:44 PM

Thanks man, that is a very good synopsis, i have listened to it twice on youtube audio book, but its like the bible, i can't believe it is real but it is, MARK made me rich but poorer the next day, not following years of experience, thanks man, again, good synopsis on the material

sarimanap May 26, 1:43 AM

@Perez351 I am glad it helps you :) I thought I am going to start making summaries of things I read, a little bit of knowledge each day. Thanks again. Good luck with you.

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sarimanap May 25, 9:52 PM

Hi Rhohina, I am a pediatric dentist started the challenge on 4/4/2020. I am as new as you are. Hope you are doing well. Life is very busy but I do have a very good feeling towards this. With Corona virus going round, and my office is closed since March, there is no guarantee of job securities. I have 2 kids, single mom and have been doing a lot of studying this past weeks. Good luck with you.

Rhohina May 26, 3:47 PM

@sarimanap Hi sarimanap, same here just finished new rules for penny stocking.. That was long but very helpful. And yeah, we have low census right now so getting called off. I'm ok with it since I need a break anyway.

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Raylbc27 May 22, 1:22 AM

I haven't upload since last month not sure from TD. I know Interactive Brokers doesn't work at all with verified uploads.. See if you can move the dates back a month and try to upload from there and it will find trades from last month up to today..

sarimanap May 24, 4:18 AM

It is back, I can verify my tradings now with TDAmeritrade. Now trying to fix the double trades to make sure everything posted is correct.

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