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Runangel20 Jan 08, 21 12:15 AM

haha... the force wont handle what we challenge it with this second year we have both studied for. Release the kracken.. oh wait that's another cool movie, you got yourself a regular lil lady dork ;-)

LibertyBelle Jan 10, 21 7:09 PM

I am glad to see you are back in the game! I took a little break too, but I couldn't stay off the horse for too long. I love your positive attitude. I am looking forward to seeing great things from you.

Runangel20 Jan 10, 21 11:03 PM

Thanks bunches! I never took any time off just have had to pick and choose what I am able to do that doesn't make my shoulder and neck mad while its been healing from the surgeries I had in October. Was being very picky with what I chose to get into play wise and now have been able to start getting back to more than one trade if I feel its worthy since accounts are built up to where I needed them to be for margin etc. plus opened a new account with Etrade that I want to start getting used to ver

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