Buldozr Mar 28, 20 2:22 PM

@Raylbc27 I appreciate your assistance, it does simplify my trading pattern and it get's me re-directed to the correct way of trading, Thanks

Buldozr Mar 28, 20 2:29 PM

@ragincajun83 Thanks for your guidance, I do need other traders to share their experience with as I'm the only penny stock trader amongst my friends. Now, after the first three months of my initial trading career, I do feel like penny stock trading is a path that I see myself entering and enjoying the journey. I think I can handle the pressure of trading a single stock. I now need to re-adjust my trading pattern and focus more on one stock instead of all my watchlist. Once again thanks for all t

ragincajun83 Mar 28, 20 8:30 PM

Honestly some of the most chill lessons I've learned were just listening to Sykes and Grittani talk about their experiences on youtube. It's crazy when you listen to some of the pros and power traders talking about experiences and emotions that you actually went through yourself as well!

Buldozr Mar 28, 20 11:31 PM

@ragincajun83 I just finished blogging about this past week. How I thought I played great tickers, I just didn't execute correctly due to a lack of experience. $CYH is the only ticker that I can think of as being an extremely bad play, I only played it since I seen it on my new scanner and I thought it would be a winning play, I searched for it's actual indicators after I had already entered the trade, I'll take my loss and move on. I do need to get back on track with the video lessons since aft

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