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Fox_Trader Apr 24, 17 6:10 PM

Im understanding fully what your feeling felt the same way when I started. It will only be destructive to yourself by comparing your earnings to other advanced, vet, and expert traders. Being a devoted trader takes years some can do it in less time, most of us have had issues along the way.

Torkers Apr 24, 17 6:43 PM

This is a marathon - not a sprint- Keep up the good work and im sure you will stay profitable =)

Mono_trader Apr 24, 17 7:45 PM

Great post and great progress. I will be checking out your twitter later today!

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mrsunny Apr 23, 17 4:53 PM

Nice post. It really helps to build the confidence when you hear success stories

itsamiracl3 Apr 23, 17 11:55 PM

@mrsunny Thank you! Don't get me wrong, it's not a lot of money yet and anything could happen but def getting there!

asfricksrs Apr 26, 17 9:35 PM

Thanks for the inspiration from another noob!

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