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ThePennySqueeze Sep 03, 6:57 PM

Great vid man! Thanks for posting. Really good lesson on placing that buy way above the ask. Usually when I play these I put my orders around .05 and .10 above the ask and would only get partial fills. Great play and great vid man!

michaelGscott Sep 03, 11:40 PM

Thanks! Yes usually don't go that much away from where it's bottoming. But in plays that have great range to bounce and are super liquid, I don't mind paying a little bit higher when I know the turn has for sure happened.

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Teyrex Jun 12, 1:04 AM

Jack thank you bro for breaking this down so clearly. This loss will definitely not define you as a trader but the way you learn from it will! Keep your head high and as you say stay focused on your bread and butter patterns and singles for a while if that's what makes you feel comfortable as a trader for as long as it takes. See you in chat soon, I was wondering why you've been so quite an this makes sense. Thank you for the great lesson!

richesndreams Aug 14, 7:53 AM

No shame at all. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes!!

asfricksrs Nov 09, 3:43 PM

Thank you for your vid on this described it perfectly along with the emotional response we experience at our large losses. I can relate, thank you.

finnigen Nov 11, 3:45 AM

Thanks a lot! You should make a YouTube channel

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