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Crazey_Canuck Oct 19, 20 10:36 PM

Great stuff Dom Just watched your episode on TWIST nice to see great job. I must tell it takes great discipline to pull back the way you did and revamp everything, and I am sure if we are serious about trading we will all have to at some point do the same very inspiring Thank you. Would love to see you live action maybe doing some videos of that would be really cool. Again Thank you very appreciative of your efforts.

Crawltotheend Dec 12, 20 6:22 PM

Thanks Michael great stuff. We're waiting more content, please. Thanks for sharing.

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brycetuohey Dec 22, 20 7:54 PM

Dom, your story is one that inspires me to my very core. I never thought I would ever be a successful trader, but I am now. It's all thanks to this amazing post that I refer back to everytime I personally struggle throughout my own journey. You are a serious inspiration to fellow traders. Thank you for everything

PXS Jun 26, 2:45 AM

Just finish watching your interview with Tim and Jack. Looked you up and read this wonderful message, thank you again for taking the time and for sharing.

TessaLamping Oct 20, 2:12 AM

I truly appreciate you writing this and taking the time to help others. such an incredible post and talking with you really impacted me. I truly appreciate everything and will keep referring to your stuff. Thank you SO much!

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michaelGscott Feb 22, 19 3:26 PM

There's no sound lol. Just a video of a good level two turn to watch over until you can see where the entry should be

Crazey_Canuck Oct 19, 20 10:43 PM

Awesome loved the way you would use the change order I did not know you could do that.

Crazey_Canuck Oct 19, 20 10:57 PM

I just watched this again and probably a couple of more times. I'm confused you put your buy in at 5.85 and the filled below your order at 5.65. Please forgive new to all this so they will fill you at or below the price you set and if so no wonder I keep getting filled at the top waiting to long to put my order in and plus being new is most of the problem LOL Thanks I booked marked this one.

Crazey_Canuck Oct 24, 20 8:38 AM

Dom can you explain what you were doing with your order entry tab. This seems to be a quicker way of getting your orders filled.

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ElleDiane Sep 04, 19 10:40 PM

This is really helpful! I've just watched your Beyond the PDT interview too and am so impressed with your insight. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring me to work harder and smarter like you!

Mattsfan Oct 19, 19 12:47 PM

how do you scan for alll those OTC breakouts?

Haydn_247 Apr 14, 20 3:04 AM

This is absolutely brilliant - just what I needed after a $1600 loss on NBDR. Thank you so much for sharing 👍

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