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billhamlet Aug 11, 21 3:58 PM

@kylecw2 this was an awesome video. Kyle, this encourages me so much. Thank you for giving us a peak into your journey! 👍🏾😉

OGBreakouts Sep 05, 21 9:28 AM

Much respect Kyle!! Loved how you explained your setups and trading journey. Thank you.

brandonkoy Apr 23, 23 3:49 AM

kyles trading timeline to first 100k. im inspired.

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PXS Jul 30, 21 1:06 PM

Felicidades and Great Job !

LegendOfTheK Jul 31, 21 3:08 PM

thx! It will take some time to get my groove back, but I'm determined and ready to get back on track. No more excuses

Radmacher Aug 10, 21 10:50 PM

Great vid, your explanation of your thought process and strategy were clear, I like this trade good setup and Risk/Reward.

LegendOfTheK Aug 11, 21 12:20 AM

@Radmacher appreciate the feedback. Will hopefully start posting more of these in the coming weeks. Cheers!

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PXS Jun 26, 21 2:45 AM

Just finish watching your interview with Tim and Jack. Looked you up and read this wonderful message, thank you again for taking the time and for sharing.

TessaLamping Oct 20, 21 2:12 AM

I truly appreciate you writing this and taking the time to help others. such an incredible post and talking with you really impacted me. I truly appreciate everything and will keep referring to your stuff. Thank you SO much!

TomLow Nov 26, 21 12:32 AM

thank you Dom for sharing

8Munstercheese Jul 31, 22 3:26 PM

This is what I need to read today. Thank you so much. I've been in the trenches since starting this challenge a couple years ago and my profit chart should look more like -40k. I'm doing everything I can to not give up and trade smarter.

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