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Dillsion1 Sep 19, 23 3:26 AM

Awesome video lesson, I appreciate hearing your thought process. super insightful

amy_red Sep 19, 23 1:39 PM

Thanks Ellis. These are so tricky for new traders. Thanks for the lesson and encouraging us to focus on multi day runners with history.

Kingsalini Sep 20, 23 9:41 AM

Hell of a breakdown my G real rapp #Dopeness

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Officially taking time off after some very big losses. Going to recap things and take a week or two break and start from smaller accounts again. I WILL NOT be a one and done trader and compound more losses.

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Kingmoi Oct 22, 21 2:02 PM

Thanks for your transparency. Come back strong!

Kingsalini Oct 25, 21 8:00 AM

Dopeness man respect can't wait to hear the great get back my G

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BIG FINDING: As you all know I am a short seller but I get in and out and average up on my trades many times (intentionally) and cover on the first large dip/snap. That is very general but you get the gist. I ran all of my numbers on every trade I have held overnight for the past 6 months and found out I am down $144k on them. I also found that if I would have covered every one of them the next day at the low of day I would only have been down 42k on these swings and if i covered at the absolute high of day the second day (would be better of course) I would have lost 140k. This means that even though I am winning 81% of my swing trades after getting squeezed there is absolutely no reason to swing them more than a second day. You get out for the loss and move on. My 19% of losses get too big when I am getting squeezed and it mentally drains me along with taking up buying power. Overall - no holding more than a second day unless I am 99% confident on it. One other note: growing parabolic can be stressful. You continue to size up more and more for percentage of account but of recent I got uncomfortable with some of my larger position sizes. Parabolic is great and I will continue to strive for that but I am toning it down a bit and focusing on consistency - less large random losses - and continuing the green days day in day out. This comes after getting squeezed on NXTP last week and a 52k loss on HX where i was stubborn (havent posted it yet). Good luck to all! Learn from me.

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reverselong Oct 19, 21 10:47 PM

by going over the data on simple metrics you found something out that you can implement right away. nice work. The comment on the sizing up, you hit the nail right on the head. You did take it as far as you could though. Now you just gotta work your way back to size and feeling comfortable with it. You're still killing itt! NXTP is about to be demolished for good hopefully Lol

HolyDonuts Oct 19, 21 11:01 PM

Great post Reed, you are an immense help

Kingsalini Oct 20, 21 7:09 AM

Appreciate the insight my G

ATXTrader Nov 17, 21 12:56 AM

constant analysis is so helpful throughout our trading journey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the stress involved in parabolically growing your account. Come back stronger!

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billhamlet Jul 04, 21 10:20 AM

Fantastic re-cap Kyle. Thanks for sharing. My take aways are (1) even seasoned traders have struggles. (2) Hindsight would make us all rich 🤑. Lol (3) I need to learn how to short. (4) Keep studying and stay in the game.

Kingsalini Jul 04, 21 11:21 AM

Nothing like not yet being profitable and having millionaire habits I been on myself about my trades win or loss...appreciate it keep them coming #TheSquidad BEST TEAM MOVING!!

reeper77 Jul 04, 21 5:33 PM

Hey Kyle Love AMC congrats on killing it appreciate you taking time to make the video

rey_11 Jul 05, 21 10:32 PM

Great recap! Bounces have been shit you're right. Continually testing my patience on PTs each day.

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