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Kriminator May 07, 2:33 PM

Nice! When I saw your Buy alert, I thought it was either crazy or genius! But, I'm starting to recognize that pattern. Maybe get some of whatever your smokin' for those visions! haha!

PapaD May 07, 11:37 PM

Just fininshed watching this one for the 3rd time. Thanks for doing this Huddie. It's great!

Taj214 May 11, 8:19 PM

Thank you, please do more videos

JoshOwens May 16, 1:11 AM

Great video - thanks Huddie

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Sheffey Apr 13, 1:07 PM

Great video and a great takeaway - "Mimic Perfection" as you referenced playing those set ups that really work. Great way to say it - THANKS!!

amsbeats Apr 25, 12:05 AM

Great stuff! And you're right YRIV is a total fraud of a company. That long 9 month annihilation on the daily chart was due to SEC investigation, during which insiders dumped all of their shares.

Willbee_Rich May 06, 3:01 PM

Great Lesson Huddie. Thank You for sharing. Please keep them coming!!!

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DARE last year and how it got me. Made me look back at my spreadsheet I knew I remembered this shit funny but it also felt good to see how you grow and learn in the journey...but wild funny what I said on the notes ---> DARE 2/12/2018 -2/16/2018 70shrs $ 2.78 $ 1.39 SHORT $ 7.01 $ 104.31 (Exp & Less) High % gainer wit bullshit news. I saw a play that wasn't there cause I wanted action. NO PLAN!! Was trying to put together plans while in the trade.Didn't cut losses quickly. Even turned it into a swing trade on hope and that is not a strategy. Writing this on 2/18/18 cause I didn't want to face what I had to write. Pattience lil grass hopper patience!!

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I watch a few things when I don't study and have life to deal with. In youtube I follow these guys MB. This my #NewbieGangGang sisters and brothers is a must hear. All the shit GuruYoda talks about and more. Good psychology food we all need to hear. #BeWrongNotStupid Check it out.

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lzeng93 Mar 27, 6:52 PM

@Huddie hey huddie quick question how do you set yourself up to make sure your position size gets executed?

lzeng93 Mar 27, 6:53 PM

Also, Thank you for the content !!! Going to look at OTC from a different approach now thanks to you! congrats on passsing 100K!!

shipley2 May 03, 3:04 PM

boxing like crazy, awesome to see. And you're doing it all from one screen damn

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I have told myself I want to start trading again till March. I was so sure I knew this #5 today on SHMP that I went for it! Missed my entry and said nah cancel it, this is happening cause you not following rules we said March!! Them battles in your head boy I tell ya. However, great day knowing I saw it and understood it. Then hit the chat and see GuruYoda @TimSykes played it THIS SHIT WORKS!! My #NewbieGangGang brothers and sisters study up!! Proof is how we rock check the pic : Follow me on twitter @SaliniKing

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Basically I'm not doing this shit one by one. I took the TG I started with $2300 1/2018 to found my way around the market, because I didn't know shit but didn't want to paper trade. I slowly leaked $1300 in the year 2018. I told myself 2019 I will become a challenge student. I started to follow GuruYoda 10/2017 came across him 2014 thought he was full of shit and I was wrong not stupid just wrong. This is the story and these are the trades in pic form. On my study shit for now March I'm back at executing trades. #NewbieGangGang #ChallengeClassOf2019 #CLQSniperSquad WE MOBBIN!! Follow me on Twitter I'm private cause I only want to deal with this community follow and I will follow back @SaliniKing

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Decided to create a folder called "FRIDAY SHORT SQUEEZE SCHEMING" I'm just going to track charts I think lead into a Friday short squeeze scheme and why I feel that way. On this one I wrote : I notice that this chart was choppy thru out the week, but in a specific range after the initial spike. Once Friday came, as we know from GURU YODA those Fridays are special!! Shorts don’t like to hold their shorts over the weekend. On Friday this chart chopped but stayed above $4. It kept having lil pops and bouncing off them early $4s. As soon as it hit one leg up toward the close, the short squeeze began into the close. One leg up meaning the first higher low from the past 2hrs. In this chart example we see the squeeze into the close. - Just a thought just incase ya can fucks wit it in your own way #NODAYSOFF #CLQSniperSquad WE MOBBIN!!

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