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simonfuture2 Jan 17, 7:01 PM

great mindset and way to stay positive. As you have seen, the process works and as long as you disciplined to the rules, consistent profitability is in your future. Thanks for sharing, and check out my post and let me know if you find it helpful. thanks!

gil_fl Jan 17, 7:04 PM

you have this right, not for the weak of heart as it is a marathon for sure! you keep learning and keep learning

KNUT Jan 17, 7:49 PM

Maybe someday when I get rich. I'm just a Thousandair.

StefanSchwarz13 Jan 17, 10:57 PM

I'm really glad to have become your friend and be able to bounce trading thoughts and ideas off of you. I'm excited to see where you go from here, though I have no doubt you will be successful and part of the 10%. I, too, have a long way to go, but I have no doubt that I will get there.

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KarenBoughan Jan 18, 12:28 AM

Enjoyed the video. Great trade plan with lots of levels called out. Could be a little bit shorter (maybe 15-20min) since there is so much other video content to review. However, this content is particularly relevant and useful. Appreciate you

trademaid Jan 18, 2:54 PM

It was good to see your perspective on this stock, how you looked at the different potential entries on the chart. I'm still learning so every video is greatly appreciated. Especially from other students! I vote for more videos :)

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10pm study check: retweet/favorite that if you're up studying now or put in a few hours of study today or plan to tomorrow...maximize your weekend and study haaaaaaard!

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simonfuture2 Jan 10, 10:53 AM

everyday!! Saturday night was reading Chapter 8 in the The Complete Penny Stock Course book, and now I am going through all my notes from when I first started to see how my mindset has changed and how much ive learned.

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redwagonrider Jan 04, 7:47 AM

Awesome review. Thanks for going over your mindset with sizing up. I really appreciate how you are brutally honest about your losses on the front side of a trade. Have a great 2021.

KDJourney Jan 04, 7:52 AM

Thank you Kyle ~ always a lesson ~ Happy New Year ! ! !

Kingsalini Jan 04, 5:07 PM

As always good shit #Dopeness

26R_COLE Jan 05, 12:16 AM

Great monthly recap Kyle! Thank you for going over your process/ trades. I appreciate your help and time.

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SeanyBax Jan 03, 2:54 PM

Wow thank you so much for sharing this. In December I went from green to red and was unable to stay consistent. After decreasing my size and risk, I've been able to manage my emotion and work toward being consistent. This is definitely a HIGHLY recommended video for newer and struggling traders.

cindykschlee Jan 03, 10:02 PM

Really enjoyed your recap. I learned a lot.

Leify907 Jan 06, 11:32 PM

honestly loved this recap. And love the non-seriousness of your approach. keep at it.

brycetuohey Jan 06, 11:36 PM

@Leify907 Thank you! Hahaha yeah, by no means am I serious. Gotta make everything fun!

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