Just some thought on my trading so far today. 1) limit attempts to 2 max on a ticker as otherwise can lead to unnecessary losses 2) take the predictable profits in a play with lower conviction 3) when you aree green on the day and doing well it is probablya good time to stop trading and study/ only A+ setups - keeping the profits is just as important as making them (context went from +90$ to +$1.53 today from unnecessary trades, clear theme in my trading that needs to be cut out less is more)

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FancyNancy Mar 07, 21 11:35 AM

Thank you!! You are an inspiration!

verty Mar 10, 21 5:05 PM

I've been following you for Jonks Donks on YouTube, keep inspiring

Windwalzer Mar 18, 21 12:43 PM

Thank you for proving how important it is to keep studying, watch the charts, hang in there, and never give up. You share from your heart Thank you.

naveedahmed Apr 04, 21 11:30 AM

Love the beautiful brazilian girl narrative

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Valik_Vista Feb 24, 21 6:58 PM

I really appreciate your video... so much useful info!

RIKROS Feb 25, 21 12:13 AM

Hi, I recently started listed stocks trading. I would like to trade OTC stocks. May I know which is the best brokerage company to trade OTC stocks. Thanks!!!!

Deepadots Mar 09, 21 11:45 PM

Thanks for the lesson

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