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kidkarl Nov 11, 20 9:38 PM

that second last paragraph is key. couldn't have said it better myself, one ideal trade at a time...

melanymoor Jul 03, 1:57 PM

You had a great journey and amazing motivation to make money. It is really inspiring to read how people can achieve their goals. want to start the trading course, but now I am the last year student, and don't know how to manage my dissertation in time. One of my friends recommended to check site and hire the professional. So I am thinking if it is possible to hire someone to help me with trading? Did you turn to the professionals whe

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"Winner never quit, quitters never win!!"

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yessir Mar 30, 9:10 PM


aaronmizell Jul 12, 7:43 PM

Thanks For Sharing Jack! Right Now I'm Doing My Best Sticking With It. Growing my Knowledge Account although my trading Profits are Yet To be Seen which at Times can be hard not to let it be Frustrating. Trusting The Process!

LETSWIN16 Nov 29, 12:45 AM

great story jack. you had a desire and faith. thats why you did'nt give up. that is a true uncle who supported you and gave you good advice .I am studying hard because one day im going to reach my goal.thanks again for sharing your story.

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