"Winner never quit, quitters never win!!"

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Donit4us Jan 28, 8:57 PM

Thanks for that much needed push!

drj Feb 14, 1:50 PM

Jack, it’s been inspiring to watch you this past year! Thanks for sharing this story. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned this year from studying. Even though my $ account is down this year my knowledge account has been growing daily. I can look back and easily see why I’ve lost this year. I’m now studying 10x more then I trade instead of the other way around. I’m sticking with it and having fun in the process. Thanks for the encouragement!

MarlonMarkus Feb 20, 10:19 PM

Very very inspiring and MOTIVATING!!!....THANKS!

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Dirtimoney Jan 19, 6:37 PM

Thanks for the post and mentioning it in the challenge chatroom, been looking for a few additional tips to match up against what I am think for criteria of a buy. Also nice Risk Management sheet, I will deff be using it :D

ATXTrader Jan 19, 6:39 PM

thank you for sharing what's worked for you. Very thorough explanation.

Murphpiece Jan 20, 1:15 AM

This is fantastic. Question, however: have you considered making a video explaining with visuals of these strategies?

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Crazey_Canuck Dec 15, 20 11:00 PM

You go Brother birds chirping, kids playing and trading making money does it get any better So Blessed Thank you greatly appreciate the time and effort Ellis Peace Out.

StefanSchwarz13 Feb 10, 2:39 PM

Thanks Ellis!! Love the birds chirping and your daughter playing in the background. Thanks for the lesson!!

ducksgirl1531 Feb 13, 11:52 AM

Thanks for the follow up lesson to see how it all played out.

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