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Iunfa Mar 06, 23 11:29 AM

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SantosLietz Feb 27, 5:04 PM

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RobertRiggs Sep 27, 22 1:47 PM

Very nice risk management and discipline. Very clear explanation for support and resistance. Thanks for the lesson EH.

Freedom101 Nov 19, 22 6:58 PM

Ellis, u r the man, that is one of the best videos if not the best, I have seen on any topic. Love the teaching style

Chris6488 Jan 21, 23 1:54 PM

Thanks Ellis, great live trade, learning so much from them.

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JFondren Jun 12, 22 4:35 PM

I've been in the challenge since 11/21 and like Grittani I'm a spectator and few more months I'll try my strategy but great work Mr. Moderator greatly appreciated. Blessing

didixiu Sep 05, 22 10:57 PM

Thank you Ellis!

Chris6488 Feb 01, 23 1:41 PM

Well executed trading plan with great lessons, thanks Ellis.

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harrycorker Sep 08, 21 9:16 AM

Well written Sean, very relatable. Growing pains all part of the process.. back on track now, lets go bro !!

zivvytrades Sep 08, 21 9:45 PM

I feel you bro! Well done digging deep and addressing the issue! Onward and upward!

brandonkoy Mar 21, 23 11:03 AM

market shift small and medium losses did not accept the losses fought back with size trading p&l broke all rules traded outside the patterns

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Points Jun 26, 21 10:07 AM

Fantastic post Sean incredibly insightful and rings so true thanks for sharing.

Githaes Jun 26, 21 11:23 AM

Thanks for sharing Sean and understand the smallest chink in the armor of discipline. I have made similar mistakes and continue to learn and grow from them. #making the best of the lessons.

Sky_Hi_Trading Jun 26, 21 12:55 PM

Excellent post and congrats on further self discovery!!

brandonkoy Apr 09, 23 11:42 PM

rejecting sub par opportunities

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