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asfricksrs Apr 09, 19 3:23 PM

George - that was great watching the condensed version of your W/L preparation - funny too !! Thank you for getting "after it" as we try to balance this quest with life. Enjoyed the references to you with TB on the tube last night (4/8) - great work. Keep them coming, very good!

HIMMENY Apr 10, 19 10:25 AM

@asfricksrs thanks for watching! i always enjoy your input :) TB is the man haha, thank you, glad you enjoyed!

KDJourney Jul 08, 20 7:02 PM

Thank you . . . Had I not received your "Karma" I might never have found your videos ~ very cool how you choose to present what you're doing and that is a gift to the rest of us ~ In these times . . . Go safe and best wishes!

HIMMENY Jul 09, 20 10:06 PM

@KDJourney Thanks for watching, and thanks for your input, best wishes and be safe as well! thank you!

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