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joeylowe Dec 14, 18 4:56 PM

I gotta know more about your screen name Mr. Himmeny Diggaley. What's the story? Great video. Appreciate the lesson on how you choose your risk levels based on price action. Great information sir.

HIMMENY Dec 14, 18 5:40 PM

thank you for watching, glad you like it! i apreciate the input

HIMMENY Dec 14, 18 5:41 PM

@joeylowe Himmeny stands for $HMNY and diggaley is $DGLY its an inside joke between me and @tbohen because that how he pronounces their tickers lol

ROZ Dec 17, 18 6:50 AM

Himmeny . . . thank you. Your documenting each trade is such a great idea and inspires me to take my time, be patient and thorough and document each trade. Thank you so much for taking time and effort to put this together

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TreeTrader Nov 21, 18 6:44 PM

Damn Huddie, these video lessons are proof you're on your way to being one of the greats. Excellent content sir

dmatin Nov 21, 18 10:41 PM

6:40 first Roland now you with the boxmod. Maybe it's the vape juice that makes ya'll good traders lol

SafariTrader Jan 14, 8:30 PM

Fantastic information! Thanks for sharing!

DC_757 Jan 17, 3:51 PM

Thanks Huddie, great information.

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