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Crazey_Canuck Nov 08, 9:52 AM

Gotta Thank Uncle Larry and Thank you Jack for being so real

therealmcdougal Nov 12, 12:43 AM

this is awesome jack, thanks for the inspiration and im happy that you stuck with it.

calvinw Nov 28, 4:08 PM

Congrats to you jack for breaking through that 1M plateau. I've been out of the Challenge for about a year now. Its good to know your diligence has paid off.

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Watchmearn1 Aug 01, 3:27 PM

what you got to do is study,learn patterns, learn to build a plan, entry , exits and watch tims tradin videos and go to the chart room to contribute if you have any , look, see and learn. thats is will take closer for whatever you are looking for

Trozay Aug 03, 7:43 PM

I couldn't of said it better myself. Im more educated than most desite my P/L. But I think I need to get back into a chat and build connections that way. Thanks for reaching out man.

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@Trozay just became a fully transparent trader today!

Trozay Dec 19, 18 10:48 AM

purchased "how to make millions" dvd last month. Finished it within 2 weeks. subscribed to pennystocking silver this past sunday 12/16.

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