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louiedecaro31 Aug 07, 8:36 AM

know problem libertybelle john and i are networking and helping each other out love for you to join

louiedecaro31 Aug 07, 8:38 AM

integra thanks if you want to network and link up let us know the more the better

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Integra Aug 07, 6:57 AM

From Tim Sykes glossary: Green: We say a stock is “green” on the day when it is up a positive percent compared to the previous close.

golfr7k Aug 08, 3:23 PM

yes thank you, I did watch this and just watched it again (as well as several others on your channel), but I'm still trying to clarify what exactly needs to be in place to call something a "first green day". -are we talking about where the candlestick is green? (and does it have to be a hollow green, or can it be a solid green?) -does it need to be after a long streak of red days? -does it necessarily need to have all 4: good news, catalyst, breakout, large volume increase?

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Integra Jul 30, 10:31 AM

When I went through all the students watchlist I noticed that you found most stocks that run more than 20% today. It would be interesting to see a watchlist from you that were narrowed down to your 10 stop watches according to Sykes sliding scale.

JohnsonMD Jul 30, 11:20 AM

@Integra I learned a lot from Sykes but am trading my own plan now. I'm just sharing what I do here. I'm comfortable managing a large watchlist so no need for me to narrow it down.

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