[TimChallenge] +29K for the morning. Flat on all positions. Nothing done crazy. All great setups that had great r/r

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[TimChallenge] Extreme lack of discipline (my standard) in the beginning of the month dug me into a -24k hole. Got back to the process/ ideal setups and ended up -8k. Nothing wrong with losses squad so long as you are learning from them and becoming better. Lets get ready for Q4 squad! Be safe.

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MaeRae Oct 02, 9:56 AM

Excellent, excellent, excellent Ellis. You are really helping me to get to grips with how to use consolidation in my trading plan. Thank you!

owlbanks Oct 06, 12:07 PM

Thanks Ellis! Your videos are super helpful. Your thorough explanations are really helping me understand the process, and is helping me become confident when I create my thesis for my entry and exits.

kFox49 Oct 10, 12:11 PM

This is a great video, really breaking it down step by step. Thank you Ellis

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[TimChallenge] +3k this morning on Ideal setups on ISWH $CYDY... Getting back in line with the PROCESS.

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[TimChallenge] $4400 locked with AMC o/n (bought the dip yesterday in the 43-44 area and NOAV (settled over the whole dollar 3 and entered. 3.08 prior to breaking HOD (both former runners)

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