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amsbeats Apr 25, 12:05 AM

Great stuff! And you're right YRIV is a total fraud of a company. That long 9 month annihilation on the daily chart was due to SEC investigation, during which insiders dumped all of their shares.

Willbee_Rich May 06, 3:01 PM

Great Lesson Huddie. Thank You for sharing. Please keep them coming!!!

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Oluna42 Nov 23, 18 10:04 PM

Hey man, great vid. what is the redline on the daily. is it the vwap?

ArtOfWar Nov 25, 18 12:24 AM

The red line you are seeing is on the 1 minute chart not the daily and yes it is the VWAP. I don't use it when I'm planning, deciding or executing a trade but once I'm in I respect it because I know so many other traders do.

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ChanceStearns Nov 08, 18 12:41 PM

That's awesome man! Congrats! Just do what Tim says and don't get cocky lol. It make me sad to see people go from a lot of debt to green only to go back to red again. Good luck man keep up the good work!

ArtOfWar Nov 09, 18 12:17 AM

@Chance_Stearns Fasho, Ironically beside cutting losses quickly Tim and I are two totally different traders. Actually don't pay attention to much he says these days because its distracting to my style of trading. Mark Croock, Grittani, Dux, Roland Wolf are more to my liking. Definitely don't want to go back so the trades are very calculated these days. Thank you for the kind words and support, Stay tuned......

ArtOfWar Nov 09, 18 12:18 AM

@OmarMondragon Yep, I know there are plenty out there who are under water but it is possible to get back and once you find your process and stick with it, the get back is way faster!!

ChanceStearns Nov 09, 18 9:27 AM

@ArtOfWar I agree with that first statement! I love Tim and how he's such a good trader but what really has started helping things make more sense in terms of consistency is listening to Roland Wolf explain things and Mason Fecht. It's just that Tim knows sooo much that there's a lot of plays I don't quite understand yet. So it's good to still pay attention to and watch though!

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@realyogi NDEV going down bro! You think it has potential to go up EOD?

realyogi Dec 27, 16 10:18 AM

It's got good support at 0.80 and 0.84 and slow up trend

ArtOfWar Nov 28, 18 1:01 AM

Where you at bro, haven't heard from you since your last comments to me. Please update your trades. Would love to see where you are at so that we can trade strategies.

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ArtOfWar Dec 27, 16 5:13 AM

Whose giving advice? I'm documenting for myself. You actually think there are not more ppl out here with bigger loss status then this? It sucks at what my stats are but it currently is what it is. Stay tuned.

albeano58 Dec 27, 16 2:46 PM

ArtOfWar dude your not a bad trader at all just by just skimimg thru your trades your actually pretty good you just have too many big losses just cut your losses sooner you'll be profitable

ArtOfWar Jan 10, 17 10:59 AM

@albeano58 I agree just have to keep focusing in. Unfortunately my mind and learning ways is being in the moment and learning. Real money real emotions. No one wants to lose money but I'm learning and still confident because I've seen what I can do when I stay disciplined and execute my game plans.

ArtOfWar Oct 17, 18 5:25 AM

@mdchowdhury whats up wanted to check in and see how your trading was going? Have not heard from you in a while. Was trying to look at your profit chart but I noticed you have not posted anything. Wanted to see if I could get some "advice" from you to perhaps increase my current profits. You may not want "advice" from me considering your statements last year but I figured I'd reach out anyways. Hope trading has been good to you as it has been to me.

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