@kroyrunner Hi Tim. Can you post some current live trades? I have your DVD, but it would be nice to see some current trades since markets change and adapting strategies is so important. Thanks.

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[TimChallenge] PULM interesting, overall trend favors bulls, big stuff move favors bears. great example of where no play is best play... i'm just watching for now

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[TimChallenge] flat PULM, now i actually may stalk this for a long later today IF i like how trend is holding up


[TimChallenge] re: PULM I understand the concept of buying weakness & selling into strength, but when a stock pulls back and presents a 'weakness' opportunity I typically see it as reversing. It's like buying a dip vs the falling knife. I cannot get that to click.


[TimChallenge] also stalking PULM for a short - but want it closer to the 1.88 resistance from last week

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