@kroyrunner HI man . congrats on your accomplishments .Quick question would you use the otc multiday breakouts stratagy from trading tickers in listed stocks ? Thanks man Ps : You are the man , best teacher , learned the most from your dvd , it's the best .

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@kroyrunner With the vast knowledge and experience you have now, I would love to see how you would trade just $1500 over again but in the current market, even just for a few weeks/1 month.

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@kroyrunner hey, Tim. I just bought Trading Tickers, and noticed you were using E*TRADE in your latest trade upload. Have any of your ideal brokers changed?

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1AMartin97 Jan 01, 7:16 AM

Thanks a lot! I love the dvd by the way! 3rd time watching it

1DBHILL Jan 01, 9:18 AM

I'm based in the uk.. Do you know any brokers of the same standard I could use here please? All the share dealing platforms are pretty naff here TBH.

1JKelly Jan 06, 11:44 PM

@DBHILL TradeZero comes highly recommended from Dux. They clear through Vision too. Good borrows

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@kroyrunner hey bud what do you think of JTPY/NXTD bitcoin payment or sector mojo ahead?? bitcoin nice 30% dip off highs means more players+=more money?? to be determined if you agree i may join. I'll try to get in premarket Tuesday 12/26 if so bitcoin looks poised to Rebound.

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@kroyrunner hi there. anyone here from Australia? Etrader dont accept Australian residents while IB dont offer short selling to us. i am having a hard time finding a decent broker to join. any recommendation please? thanks

RickTC52 Dec 24, 17 8:18 PM

thanks man! i will check it out

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RacerNSX Jan 06, 2:07 AM

Wow, congrats. thats more than most peoples annual income!

Champ Jan 07, 12:19 AM

Thanks Tim! Are you looking to short the 1st red candle at 1 minute? Or how do you play the TOPS short to make sure you don't get burned?

Dbice Jan 13, 6:48 AM

Thanks this was helpful information

TimeFliesBuy Jan 26, 7:35 PM

Everything you do is both helpful and recognized, thank you.

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@kroyrunner nearly 600k in one month Tim, congrats! Really inspirational & I hope you're thinking about coming out with a new DVD. I'm sure you already know it'll blow up in sales when you do.

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