@kroyrunner hi man! your profit is impressive!!! I just came across this site and would like to start trading. I know zero about trading. Where can i start learning on a budget??? Thanks for your advice!!

That1guy Apr 04, 8:07 PM

Get a penny stocking silver subscription and watch as many videos as possible in one month

AnneMarita Apr 15, 12:15 AM

@susanfisch, I agree, Tim Sykes Silver subscription is great if you cannot do the challenge. Go to his website, and you will also find an 11-hour free trader check list. There are also tons of Youtube videos. Just don't trade until you've learned a bit more than the basics. Good luck.

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@kroyrunner Tim, I am about to embark on your DVD course. I am running between 68-69% success ratio but not making the headway I feel like I need to. I am looking forward to taking my trading to the next level. Thank you for putting this course together so that I can get better and see the results which take me to the next level.

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Congratulations on your milestones in both life and business! Happy Birthday Tim! Mike

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neatapple Mar 13, 12:16 PM

Happy Birthday... To a great friend and person... Keep up the great work

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