[TimChallenge] @kroyrunner I see $GLBS bouncing off of VWAP 3-4 times and creeping 4-70 cents each time. I see resistance around $9. but it is midday. Dip buy around $7.90 with potential to bank $0.70/share.

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[TimChallenge] Thanks -- was looking at $REXX for a good dip buy p/m but volume faded after the push through $1 so I held back


[TimChallenge] was that the kind of price action on OWCP you look for kind of?


[TimChallenge] OWCP hit 0.95 today, up from your 0.25 buy/level last week. 6 big green days in a row. Would you be looking to short at this level, or would you wait to see if it breaks through 1$ EOD before looking to short possible first red day tomorrow? How do you differentiate a failed bounce vs sideways consolidation?


[TimChallenge] question if you have a minute, playing that vwap on $rexx was at that point about a .13 swing, which was larger than my SL. So not sure that would work in my case, I will learn to adjust slightly...thanks.

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