@kroyrunner Hey Tim! I was just wondering what were some of the best ways to think about slippage. I’ve seen your DVD’s and your pretty spot on with your covers or sells at your risk. I hope my question isn’t too confusing but I was just shorting $SURF this morning risking off of R/G and it almost reached R/G by .05 so I threw in a cover order for 51 shares at 5.95, got filled instantly, and then it never hit R/G and cracked like I wanted. Granted it was only 51 shares but I’m starting to feel anticipating the risk level being hit by putting an order in is not a good idea. So what are your thoughts on accounting for slippage should it look more like putting an order in as soon as it hits your risk or right after it hits and should I expect to change my mentality with bigger size? I do figure float, share count, and market cap would be factors so the bigger these are the more you can judge smartly how its acting around your risk level and the smaller they are the more aggressive you want to be with your covers or sells.

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Bito May 23, 20 4:47 PM

@kroyrunner Thank you again for all your wisdom and all that you do for the trading community!

moneymaking1043 Jun 06, 20 8:55 PM

@kroyrunner is it possible you upload your challenge webinars on youtube from time to time? Would be cool to see you have your own millionaire students too. Would email you my progress too, but know your emails are extremely loaded. Just an idea though. Thanks for Trading Tickers !

slickrick Jul 24, 20 2:56 AM

I picked up Your Tim Gritanni Traders Tickers and the content looks awesome Can you please keep me your weekly watch list that I get from Charles early every Sunday am, with an updated version on Monday or Tuesday? It augments Tim's plays and you go into some great detail about your inclinations with each stock. Thanks for ALL your help!

YourWifesBoyfriend Apr 21, 22 11:06 PM

Hey Tim if I give you an Indonesian rupa you promised to turn it into a little more than the GDP of the entire world while I snort diet cocaine off a fat strippers ass at 3:00 in the morning because motivational speaker Eric Thomas told me to start early thanks

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