Goooooooood morning!

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moneymaking1043 Apr 20, 7:52 PM

I recently attempted to open my first etrade account & boom they say etrade pro no longer available for beginners so i am so curious what ur perception on that is

mikebrown Apr 21, 10:25 AM

@moneymaking1043 I am very new also. You can get etrade pro if you just call and ask for it. You have to make a certain amount of trades a quarter to keep it, but they will let you have it for free if you just ask.

moneymaking1043 Apr 21, 11:40 AM

i called ystd & one of the representatives said yea we are not offering it anymore. I waited an hour 15 mins for one/two questions. Im wondering if it is usually like that with etrade jeez... especially after seeing the complaints ppl are tag them on twitter with

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-$360 loss CANF Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this new runner that's breaking past 2 day highs and looks to be a solid short squeeze like I wanted on Friday morning, just hit the 4.90s, I think it can get back there later today or early tomorrow

Exit comments: No bounce, rule #1 cut losses quickly, especially speculative late day short squeezes like this

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204edoane Dec 02, 19 2:37 PM

Will it recover went to 4.66 back to 4.20 and looked like it was rising again

moneymaking1043 Dec 02, 19 2:41 PM

React dont predict. Very important lesson to remember. ^

204edoane Dec 02, 19 2:46 PM

Understood. Thank you

Kari Dec 03, 19 2:05 AM

Great lesson , if you wanna avoid risks, stay away from these late day speculative short squeezes, Thanks Tim!

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Av1Trades May 07, 10:18 PM

I like pumped up stocks that cut through stop losses like butter at open.

branwillm87 May 14, 12:27 AM

I don't like 50% bounces, I LOVE them. I like to think of it as the stock's "resetting itself", like the reset button on a video game. I will also buy some merch!

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