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ATXTrader Aug 30, 21 11:47 PM

Jack is so inspirational to me. anyway, I did go through my watchlist a few weeks ago and that's how I saw RGBP setting up and look at what id did (doubled from .03 to .07). anyway, I need to go through more daily charts of tickers to find more of these that may be setting up. Also note, that I edited the post to make note that the ramp does not need extra volume or a catalyst for this pattern to work. Thanks for asking!

ATXTrader Aug 30, 21 11:52 PM

Update: RGBP failed today and I would have cut the last 25% of my position for a smaller gain. It did exactly what this pattern proves. The ticker doubled and reached the b/o level with no news and no excessive volume.

moneymaking1043 Aug 31, 21 12:41 AM

i was very close to buying RGBP or RGBPP but didn't pull the trigger and ended up missing out on 50% profits

Namir Aug 26, 23 3:28 AM

@ATXTrader Such a great lesson, thanks to you and Jack! have you tested if this pattern still working these days?

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