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I checked all the way back to 2014 ... there is NO resistance line .. the stock never peaked anywhere near 0.592 so how tim knew where to enter?? What else did he use??

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Where's the resistance line in this stock?? There are no pass results so how tim knew where to enter without a resistance line??

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Thank you Tim ~

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after more studying, need to get out on Monday even if it doesn't move. The weekend should provide the time for the hype to get out.

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I thought KBLB went down after overnight?

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Hey mr Griff .... I was trying to see why you entered at 3.38 .. and did a short video of my theory of why I think I'm a beginner trying to understand

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hey rob I did a video on your specific trade .. it's short I asking some things would like you do see if you can answer me please as I'm trying to understand penny stocks

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