• RolandWolfJun 24, 10:32 AM

    @DennyStocks Purely off of the resistance w/ the huge volume day, yes. Had I known about the ATM, which I should have, I would have probably taken a larger position and held overnight even. Regret that I didn't. In reply to $LPCN

  • RolandWolfJun 24, 10:31 AM

    @mrcriter @asefporl He actually would. Wouldn't have done it if I couldn't replenish the account lol In reply to $BUDZ

  • mondeoJun 24, 7:51 AM

    This is my biggest profit to date, and I think I may prefer swing Trading to day trading. When I traded short term plays I found myself chasing stocks and I end up getting in at too high a price and when I cut losses quickly I almost always ended up with a loss. After reading a few books and listening to Tim, I think I'm only now discovering what type of trader I am. In reply to $FNJN

  • asefporlJun 24, 6:04 AM

    @mrcriter nice comment... although, Roland would say "FUCK OFF" :) nice comment In reply to $BUDZ

  • RobTheTobJun 23, 11:40 PM

    So Michael, I apologize if I'm annoying (Im very interested in these sub penny stocks), but do you scan top gaining sub penny stocks every morning and play those? In reply to $NUUU

  • DennyStocksJun 23, 11:13 PM

    Hey Roland, did you know to short this stock based on the atm offering they did awhile back? Or was it purely based off the resistance back in October? In reply to $LPCN

  • april4Jun 23, 10:02 PM

    i see....still you exited green!! so that's good.... In reply to $SPWR

  • TurbobobJun 23, 9:07 PM

    Yes, it was a big trade. I was hitting for the wall and ended up a single.... In reply to $SPWR

  • TurbobobJun 23, 9:06 PM
  • april4Jun 23, 7:32 PM

    so you almost invested 70k for this trade!! you really need guts to do that!! In reply to $SPWR

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