• TimeFliesBuyMar 24, 1:38 AM

    Looks like you started getting more comfortable with bigger position sizes at this point. P.S. now over $4000. Nice one! In reply to $CJES

  • TimeFliesBuyMar 24, 1:33 AM

    Any trade details? First trade at Interactive Brokers, position size les than $300. Good start to a great run. In reply to $PARN

  • Lizzy8636Mar 23, 11:37 PM
  • KBlocMar 23, 7:11 PM

    defensive possible way. I guess that it is what I am lacking of. In reply to $HTGM

  • KBlocMar 23, 7:11 PM

    volatile for my account. SVU reached new high again. 10:45 i miss an entry at HTGM. lacking courage... In reply to $FEYE

  • KBlocMar 23, 7:11 PM

    of volume. 10:20 SVU is rising a bit but no volume. 10:20 just spot HTGM with new high and with volume. it is better with that one. 10:22 no pullback and i do not want to chase so i keep waiting. 10:25 wanted to enter HTGM but pullback is not good enough. 10:28 i am not in... coward? and it makes me remember of SNAP. 10:31 grr... i did nothing... just watching... i did nothing i should have bought it...10:40 HTGM is falling? and i find it too In reply to $FEYE

  • KBlocMar 23, 7:10 PM

    order so i could get out better but a stop order is not convenient. However, i got scared from yesterday's loss fom PULM. 10:12 FEYE is falling. and there is not much to do. 10:14 SVU is red on time and sales. Sigh... keep learning and losing money. very bad. Today, I should have used limit for SNAP to get out with a mini profit. i should let a profit into a loss. not chasing is good. it gives me room for mistakes. I should not touch DCIX due to lack In reply to $FEYE

  • MiracleMar 23, 5:05 PM

    Oh sh*t.... In reply to $TRIL

  • colmooretraderMar 23, 12:17 PM
  • TurbobobMar 23, 8:29 AM

    yes, buying break outs and 1st pull backs. In reply to $HIMX

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