Hey Mason no worries man. You're already ahead of 99.9% of traders. I'm confident you're going to get out of this rut and kill it. Take your time! Patience, time and experience are formidable soldiers.

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indiividual events. It could be a good gain that would cover NBEV's losses. i just know that I have many bad experience so i was not sure that it would work. i still need to work on it for more gains. i think that i am still in a vicious cycle and i have to get out of it.

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it moved $0.044 and at 200,000 shares that equates to $880. That works for me

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The stock didnt move tho

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Amazing Job brother!

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Hold on. Watching the next video, I get that this wasn't one trade. It had a bigger position because you kept shorting the bounces while not exiting. Both good lessons. Got it.

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Here's something I only noticed watching the trades and not just the video lesson: The longer ISNS stayed up, the bigger positions you took.

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