• STMChrisJan 18, 4:18 PM

    Hi have you made tim challenge or just bought dvd In reply to $PULM

  • PsychobaggerJan 18, 4:05 PM

    Terrific execution man... wish I had the balls to do that. I came in really late and only made 2 dollars. Classes got in the way, but next time I will be more prepared... Also, did you notice how repetitive the pattern was on this stock? It was the same stairstep fader I've seen in a lot of Tim's videos... Up, fade a bit, back up, fade a bit, repeat, repeat, repeat.... In reply to $APRI

  • patrickgJan 18, 2:53 PM

    Sorry for the huge run on sentences LOL I'm on the go and using voice text In reply to $DCIX

  • patrickgJan 18, 2:52 PM

    I Can See Clearly why you are exiting and I totally get what you are talking about thank you for posting great learning experience now I see why you tell students to not completely buy into your alerts but to use them for learning purposes. I'm getting a feel for how quickly the market changes I love this stuff In reply to $DCIX

  • dipbuyJan 18, 2:30 PM
  • patrickgJan 18, 2:10 PM

    Nice I will watch it. Thank you! In reply to $DCIX

  • fabbehnJan 18, 2:04 PM

    how many shares did you buy? In reply to $GLBS

  • STMChrisJan 18, 1:50 PM

    Hi i would to know with how tradinf capital are tradung with ? In reply to $BCEI

  • just_a_testJan 18, 9:57 AM
  • yaboiChrisJan 18, 9:43 AM

    im waiting for possible pullback on NXTD, 3.10ish to minimize risk In reply to $NXTD

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