• danclarke94Feb 19, 9:04 PM

    the patience on this trade is unbelievable. just looked back and matched your entries and exits with the chart from the past, and you caught this move 2 months before it happened... Really inspiring to a aspiring swing trader! In reply to $EHTH

  • Jason_RaposoFeb 19, 4:15 PM

    Robinhood is free for commissions. In reply to $RNVA

  • TimeFliesBuyFeb 19, 1:35 AM

    Good trade analysis, the picture is Thinkorswim right? I need to learn its interface more because I like how yours looks. In reply to $ZSAN

  • TimeFliesBuyFeb 19, 12:38 AM

    signs of weakness and/or signs of strength whether long or short are the name of the game. In reply to $IDXG

  • TimeFliesBuyFeb 19, 12:36 AM

    They're evil, I wouldn't even believe them if they get a new contract or even earnings, they really need money for continued operations is what it boils down to. In reply to $EYES

  • alan316Feb 19, 12:22 AM

    a profit is a profit. money made money earned. good deal. keep up the great work! learning is everything! In reply to $CXRX

  • alan316Feb 19, 12:19 AM

    great to know, I will be there one day. and I was also watching $EYES but wasn't sure so no play for me. In reply to $EYES

  • alan316Feb 19, 12:16 AM

    I can't short but I understand what you mean. what goes up must come down. just watch the price action and the chart. In reply to $IDXG

  • alan316Feb 18, 10:22 PM

    @TimeFliesBuy that's what I mean I just want took look back and make sure I post it right. that's all. don't want to mislead anyone. make sure I have my facts right. lol In reply to $CIDM

  • TimeFliesBuyFeb 18, 10:12 PM

    @alan316 ? not exactly sure what you mean on that comment but we can move on to the next one when you're confident. I wasn't talking about editing the trade detail but the commentary to better represent what went wrong, it won't change the trade amount or exit and entry numbers just the comment, that way you don't have to click on the individual trades in the future to know exactly what happened. I'll explain next time we get to chat. In reply to $CIDM

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