This did offer a nice crack off of highs, but I need to wait for strength instead of anticipating weakness.

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How can it be a 23% gain when you are in and out at the same price? Maybe a typo? Lol

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Convinced markets are exhausted and topped out. RSI oversold on VXX. Perhaps I'm gambling too much on this play, and my countertrend trading isn't ideal.

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I don't understand this choice of stock. I try to review your early morning suggestions before I head to work, and the Tuesday watchlist I receive in my email inbox, plus I research other sources. This particular stock is listed in neither of your references this week ???? Curious; how did you find it or what prompted your purchase? How were you alerted? Do you all have alerts in this platform somewhere when previously unwatched stocks just spike? Thx.

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you picked the absolute top to exit and called for 75 cent goal it in your initial plan setup, amazing trade and execution

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What made you watch DLTH this morning? Did you see the earnings news - if so where/ is there somewhere you check in the morning for earnings news generally as you make your morning watch list?

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Wow so fast but cool to see the stock follow the breakout level and then continue up to the resistance at 11 and then drop right back down.

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Thanks for sharing this.. Your integrity is appreciated.. Cut losses quick.

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