• jeremi23Apr 28, 10:00 AM

    How much should I start with? In reply to $CDXC

  • JbroomeApr 28, 9:23 AM

    @Daoudy most brokers let you trade premarket I use tradeking and I can trade from 8 to 5 but they charge$0.10 before and after normal market hours But each broker is different In reply to $CDXC

  • DaoudyApr 28, 9:11 AM

    Good morning Tim! How do I trade premarket? In reply to $CDXC

  • DbainyApr 28, 2:10 AM

    What is your strike price? LEAP? I am supposing? In reply to $AAPL

  • DbainyApr 28, 2:09 AM

    Ballsy position size. In reply to $CLNT

  • DbainyApr 28, 2:08 AM

    Wow, That is a great swing play. Nice! In reply to $DRYS

  • DbainyApr 28, 2:06 AM

    Good call on CDXC, did spike up to 3+ near the end. Market is crazy bull these days! In reply to $CDXC

  • TurbobobApr 27, 10:04 PM

    And that is a very good point you make. When I saw it happen, I said the "f: word for sure. But then I realized it was just the market makers shaking out the weak holders before taking it higher so I road it for what it was worth. I have seen them do that many times in the past and I would be the one getting shook out. But it recovered so quickly I knew what was going on. In reply to $CNAT

  • BigBobbyApr 27, 9:57 PM

    I see why you bought at 8.50, but I have absolutely no idea why you held this for so long. 30 minutes after your purchase, there was a large dropoff... how did you not get faked out by it? In reply to $CNAT

  • You were on track In reply to $CDXC

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