When is the deadline for the opening tradezero account with your bonus of updating subscription to lifetime? Thank you teacher.

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$1,275 profit BIOL Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying the little dip off the highs on this new ventilator play, I think it can retest the highs or possibly breakout, goal is to sell in the .90s

Exit comments: Testing day highs but not breaking out convincingly so not gonna risk it, already nice profit for me, now nearly $4k on the day so I'm happy

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Maxx2020 Apr 08, 20 10:30 PM

Travers-I got it thank you

Windwalzer Apr 09, 20 11:06 AM

Is this a stair step pattern? Thank you.

stewartray1 Apr 12, 20 10:50 PM

look at chart nice quick profit

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kFox49 Oct 10, 2:09 PM

Slowly making my way back to OTCs. This was very helpful. Thank you Jack

StockDiver Oct 26, 8:53 PM

I came back to review this session once again Jack. I Needed to review this session again as the Chat Room fomo had side tracked my trading. This will be a staple in my video library. Thx

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