$1,275 profit BIOL Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying the little dip off the highs on this new ventilator play, I think it can retest the highs or possibly breakout, goal is to sell in the .90s

Exit comments: Testing day highs but not breaking out convincingly so not gonna risk it, already nice profit for me, now nearly $4k on the day so I'm happy

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Maxx2020 Apr 08, 20 10:30 PM

Travers-I got it thank you

Windwalzer Apr 09, 20 11:06 AM

Is this a stair step pattern? Thank you.

stewartray1 Apr 12, 20 10:50 PM

look at chart nice quick profit

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didixiu Apr 27, 10:30 PM

Thank you. Very informative

Rocks2Stocks May 11, 8:45 PM

thanks jack i just got done watching all your videos on here and i got ALOT of really good tips thank you for making these, would love to see how your mind is working these days, if anything has changed, great job making it jack you definitely inspired me more on studying even harder to make it

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