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DDT Jan 01, 23 8:04 PM

Thanks for the review Kyle. Happy new year.

JackR Jan 01, 23 11:39 PM

Hey Kyle nice recap, learned a lot as usual. I also use your Monthly PnL template, but I don not have the year review parts. How can I get those?

kylecw2 Jan 18, 23 5:24 PM

@JackR you should've gotten the year parts in the excel sheet. When did you buy the template?

JackR Jan 18, 23 6:09 PM

@kylecw2 Thanks for the reply. My bad actually I have it, but didn't see it.

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Iunfa Mar 06, 23 11:29 AM

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SantosLietz Feb 27, 5:04 PM

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When is the deadline for the opening tradezero account with your bonus of updating subscription to lifetime? Thank you teacher.

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RobertRiggs Sep 27, 22 1:47 PM

Very nice risk management and discipline. Very clear explanation for support and resistance. Thanks for the lesson EH.

Freedom101 Nov 19, 22 6:58 PM

Ellis, u r the man, that is one of the best videos if not the best, I have seen on any topic. Love the teaching style

Chris6488 Jan 21, 23 1:54 PM

Thanks Ellis, great live trade, learning so much from them.

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