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owlbanks Jun 16, 8:51 PM

Thank you! This is the 3rd video I've seen of your, and I find them extremely helpful! Thanks for breaking it down!

Cherie Jun 17, 1:13 PM

EXCELLENT breakdown of these trades, thank you so much for the specifics and clarity into the mindset, reasoning, and discipline!

SurfinWaves Jun 17, 9:23 PM

Another excellent lesson. Thanks coach!

IsaiahV Jun 18, 1:01 AM

This man only preaches winner mindset. Always appreciate the lessons. Thank you!

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KrazyKarl Apr 26, 3:14 AM

Nothing wrong with trading scared. Thanks for the live trade Ellis

oldmanlogan Apr 30, 1:05 PM

@TraderStal Hi Crystal, my name is Johnny and I am a challenge student. I am interested in trading Crypto using the Kucoin platform and had some questions regarding Tim's material (charts/patterns/etc) and how it would apply to the Crypto market. Can you please support me?

ricearoni Jun 08, 7:55 PM

This was great, thank you!

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Aquazul Apr 05, 6:32 PM

Thank you for preparing this. Was interested to see how you ended up trading this. Seemed like it turn out nicely today.

Crazey_Canuck Apr 05, 7:30 PM

Thank you Ellis I was going to trade this Thursday watched and learned instead actually I was waiting for a pull back however didn't break 3 when I was watching it then closed 3.19 and I always have to keep in mind a o/n play because of work isn't going to work right now. Anyways blah blah blah I thank you once again for all the work you put truly grateful my friend Peace out!

Radmacher Apr 06, 1:42 PM

Great trade watch this happen was a good move.

jakemcg36 Apr 21, 7:23 PM

Thanks for the video! Identifying where support is and how close or far away is something I definitely look for when Im looking to buy into a play

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Congrats El on becoming a moderator in chat! Thanks again bro for all the great vids and advice. Awesome to see all your hard work pay off, keep it going!

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