Quick fail on DCGD. Why? Let's review. I wanted to get in quick on a dip buy without understanding about dip buying. Learning the hard way here.

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JRF Sep 08, 5:24 PM

I will respect former runners, volume, and news. Thanks Tim.

KStanger Sep 08, 10:18 PM

I totally respect former SUPERNOVAS with Big volume! I have a special watch list them! Thanks for all the video lessons!

bobhenry60 Sep 08, 10:34 PM

Thanks Tim. Willl respect former runners.

BGoddard Sep 12, 4:56 AM

I will respect former runners, thanks Tim

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Looking at a batch of Argentina stocks down 40-60% over banking currency issues. $EDN , SUPV , LOMA , $TGS , $GGAL for a bounce from extreme lows, but only on a convincing morning bounce.

RPhTrader Aug 12, 5:20 PM

Watching YRIV, Two green days in a row, missed today, still studying and early on in the penny stock universe for me. YRIV long only on morning bounce. Catalyst still missing, but volume is 18x normal and price is rising.

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@victorygarden4 just became a fully transparent trader today!

RPhTrader Aug 15, 7:49 AM

DCGD SSS 70, break above 0.63 before buy, downtrend from yesterday afternoon high

RPhTrader Aug 15, 8:05 AM

YRIV, premarket mover, possible short squeeze, sss 80, sideways down, possible b/o again

RPhTrader Aug 21, 3:56 PM

I would swap my losses for gains any day. I hold too long on my losses. Short term goal: Hold positions less than 20 minutes

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