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growthwithcourage Dec 02, 19 11:13 PM

Hey Kyle. Thank you for the video. I was really enjoying your excel layout. Do you have a blank copy you could email? Please and thank you. *PEACE*

MarvinJackson Dec 09, 19 4:58 PM

Thanks, that was a great video I was wondering if you could share or do a video tutorial on how you find OTC stocks via the scanner and stocks to trade.

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D22 Dec 01, 19 12:35 AM

@redwagonrider discipline is definitely a major key, but to know where/how to be disciplined is a whole other animal. glad I could demonstrate it clear to understand in terms of how I do it. and thanks for the kind words as well. much love

D22 Dec 01, 19 12:35 AM

@skatermdw no problem skater, glad it brought you some value.

RPhTrader Dec 02, 19 1:47 PM

Great recap of your trading strategies!

D22 Dec 04, 19 3:46 PM

@RPhTrader thank you! I believe ill share some more to come in the future, glad it helped you in some way

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