i sat on burning iron with my BBIG calls from friday. locked all in no yolos left. made 25175$ gain with 40 calls sept strike 4 bot at 0.55 sold avg at 5.02125 and 20 calls oct strike 5 bot at 0.6 sold avg 4.245, equals to 813% gain and 607% gain (also accidently shorted 5 calls today covered for small gain as i saw it ) soo happy and grateful time to update my profile.. lol was lazy last months, i just wrote my spreedshitss. i have to upload all the trades manually

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RPhTrader Aug 30, 21 10:43 AM

Great trade! I am in BBIG calls now

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billhamlet Aug 11, 21 3:58 PM

@kylecw2 this was an awesome video. Kyle, this encourages me so much. Thank you for giving us a peak into your journey! 👍🏾😉

OGBreakouts Sep 05, 21 9:28 AM

Much respect Kyle!! Loved how you explained your setups and trading journey. Thank you.

brandonkoy Apr 23, 23 3:49 AM

kyles trading timeline to first 100k. im inspired.

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