[TimChallenge] yes you can, will be the same position youre executing. meaning it won't open a long and short simultaneously

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Made the first youtube video as promised. Here I detail why you NEED risk management in trading and what really goes into it other than simply just cutting losses quickly. Sorry for the blurriness, I'll have to figure out how to get a clear recording for future videos and better editing. This was mainly just a test run. Enjoy and let me know what you think! https://youtu.be/AAwpAcORI7Q

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No7 Jul 15, 9:23 AM

@Crazey_Canuck Ill do a short lesson it, actually was one of my first long patterns that I discovered years ago

reverselong Jul 17, 1:55 PM

very concise vid. also the mic is nice too. very clear.

whitegold1 Oct 04, 1:41 PM

Hey Jack, finally found your user name. This is Stephen from instagram. my profit.ly user is whitegold1 instagram is stephensworld3. trying to meet up with you for some live trades

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[TimChallenge] anyways locked in about 90k on AMC so far lol

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[TimChallenge] just about done with SOS as well $15k gain too

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Been a crazy year, now that I have a few followers on here, let me know if there are any topics you would want reviewed in video lessons. Happy Easter/Holiday if you celebrate this weekend. Cheers

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Sky_Hi_Trading Apr 04, 1:48 PM

Happy Easter to you! Thank you for all you do!

Crazey_Canuck Apr 05, 7:36 PM

Jack What ever you think that would help is all good by me. Truly grateful for all of you that turn around and give back to us all So thank you Peace Out!

Pat_ Jul 16, 5:02 PM

I'd love to hear about your long strategies for OTCs.

jgarc908 Sep 01, 10:45 AM

can you make a video on time value on options

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[TimChallenge] $38k gains locked in, gonna head out. im exhausted take care everybody

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[TimChallenge] Litterally a better day today than any day of college BY FAR. thanks again everybody for all the support!

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[TimChallenge] took advantage of that little liquidity event in $RCMT all out for $106k profit biggest one yet :)

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@profitly Why is there a dating add at the top of my profit.ly wall page, I do pay for this service and I'm married, it's distracting to say the least.

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No7 Jun 13, 17 10:07 AM

download adblock pro/plus

TimeFliesBuy Jun 23, 17 6:52 PM

Thanks, even though as paying customers its crazy we have to do that.

TimeFliesBuy Jun 23, 17 6:53 PM

Better find a solution than sit and complain about the problem I suppose

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