$360 profit MTSL Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this midday spiker spiking on new earnings news https://tim.ly/378xumP as this stock has spiked big in the past on similar news, already hit the 1.30s so I'm buying on solid dip, would love to sell in the 1.30s or 1.40s, small $ amount on position, speculative given that its a midday trade but solid upside compared to risk

Exit comments: Got a little gain, but when it took out the previous day high at 1.35 it could only get to 1.39, and now its having trouble again at 1.35ish which is not a truly great breakout for a midday spiker so I'm out with a small win

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hansen Dec 26, 19 12:46 PM

no loss made money it's a good thing

Windwalzer Dec 26, 19 7:38 PM

When I'm a grown up penny stock trader I want to trade like you.

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ZachR Jul 17, 18 11:34 AM

Thanks Tim

SBeckey Jul 17, 18 1:33 PM

Tkanks Tim looking forward to another great day

hcorzo190525 Jul 18, 18 11:12 AM

I started paper tradin ($900 account) and for my first transactions, I came out on top today. Made $205 in a hour. TIM! I'm hooked on penny stocks. I Will continue to study hard everyday. Thanks for the motivation

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