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HardknocksPHD Jul 17, 11:22 AM

That is what I was looking into as well. $CCCL does not have enough volitility for me

ZachR Jul 17, 11:34 AM

Thanks Tim

SBeckey Jul 17, 1:33 PM

Tkanks Tim looking forward to another great day

hcorzo190525 Jul 18, 11:12 AM

I started paper tradin ($900 account) and for my first transactions, I came out on top today. Made $205 in a hour. TIM! I'm hooked on penny stocks. I Will continue to study hard everyday. Thanks for the motivation

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FreedomD Jul 11, 9:10 AM

Isn't it true that you don't know till after the play is alreay done wether it was "the best play" or not since we can't tell the future 100%?

MichaelStuijts Jul 11, 10:29 AM

Thanks Tim! It's nice to see my watchlist contains 4 stocks that where in your watchlist. Still havent make any trade yet this week. patiently waiting for a great setup..

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