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Dugout68 Jan 29, 18 7:22 PM

I was forunate to have got in into POTN, no more than 3 months ago at $.07 per share. As of the later part of last week I was up over 1150%. I am afraid though, because I'm falling in love with a crazy stock and I am afraid I will never sell it.

Dugout68 Jan 29, 18 7:23 PM

PS. I know nothing about charts. What do they shown for POT?

Rollingball Jan 30, 18 8:10 AM

@Dugout68 If you fell in love with the stock and are afraid you won’t ever sell it, then NOW is the time to sell it!

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[TimAlerts] I saw noooothing good to hold over night. IOTS barely cracked support, APOP crashing, HSGX never did anything, neither did $BSPM, $TBIO to late to chase, too early to short imo. 100% invested into $CASH

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