$200 profit TBIO Long Stock

Entry comments: CHART trade example...personal stop loss 4EMA and personal target high 9's or more if it works

Exit comments: out the rest ! crazy stock .....taking partial profit on the first move was key here

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[TimChallenge] $GLBS at $8.10 nice over night short for TIM wonder if he is going to get up early and learn from $TBIO lol


[TimAlerts] $TBIO has been holding .70 well now its at .73 can this be buy for a morning spike or is it better to wait for volume to start picking up first?

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JonathanIParra Sep 03, 19 3:21 AM

i will no be a gunslinger , i will be safe and cut losses quickly and profit

Tommy_D Nov 15, 19 5:51 PM

I tend to cut losses so quickly that I don't give the stock time to make it's move. It's generally a shake out that occurs with me. I'm on the right track, as most of the stocks I get in to tend to move in the direction I am expecting, but me entry is on a dip that ends up dipping one quick last time before it makes it move up. Its rather frustrating, but with this strategy I haven't blown up my account. Unfortunately, I have missed out on many great opportunities.

viren0730 Dec 23, 19 11:01 PM

i still learning to cut losses quickly.

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[TimAlerts] CLRB Crappy long term chart, and p/m reminds me of $TBIO on jan 1st (i believe). Strong p/m and just gets stuffed.

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