$998 profit GLBS Long Stock

Entry comments: I got a partial execution on this new potential earnings winner spiking nicely afterhours, already hit the 8.80s so I'm getting it on a $1/share dip, shippers have been volatile, earnings winners have been working, but small position given overall market, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: I'm out for solid profits even though it keeps going now 9.75 so I underestimated its spike BIGTIME, but I stuck to my plan and took a good profit in a tough market even while traveling so I'm happy, video lesson coming tomorrow

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George102 Nov 12, 18 5:01 PM

Yet again Tim proves to a Tee that you don't have to try to guess Earnings ahead of time. Reacting is far better as this is yet another great example of an Earnings winner !

Adrien Nov 13, 18 1:17 AM

OK, It seems sooo simple! Thanks.

George102 Nov 13, 18 1:20 AM

@Adrien have you heard of the Phrase K.I.S.S "Keep it Simple Stupid" .

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