($185) loss GLBS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this hot shipper that's a sympathy play to DCIX which is spiking the most today, goal is to make 15-30%

Exit comments: This is not spiking in sympathy with DCIX so I cut losses fast, no biggie, my HMNY gains were still bigger than this small loss, never forget rule #1 from http://tim.ly/thebestrules cut losses quickly when wrong!

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larkjr Nov 17, 17 10:10 AM

Cut losses quickly. Thanks Tim

Combatiente Nov 17, 17 11:10 AM

Do you usually hold trades for just a few minutes?. How often you hold trades for hours or days?

MaxMillion Nov 18, 17 3:47 AM

Hi tim, got a question for u, how do we detect when a sympathy play is not working? Do we have certain signs we can use to detect?

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ZiggysMom Apr 30, 3:44 PM

focus on hot sectors and the top stocks that are volatile within that sector

SlipKid May 17, 1:53 PM

Thank you Mark. History lessons are great! Know the Hot Sectors!

LHowell Aug 19, 11:15 PM

Prioritize Hot Sector Plays 1st! Hot Sector Plays are the Best when they do come into the Market. Thanks Mark, great lesson!

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MCruz Jul 07, 17 5:05 PM

Thank You

dhollis07 Jul 08, 17 2:55 PM

I live in California My question is for an example on Friday, July seventh your 10 hot pics were posted at 6:37 AM is that Pacific time or eastern time So my question is I believe you're in Florida so did you post that at 3:37 AM ? And it showing up on my computer at Saying 6:37 AM

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still leaning and putting in to practice what i have learned trying to stay well under pdt ruling so staying overnight on all trades until account is large enough. starting with 150 with addition of 50.00 every two weeks while still trading to supplement account only way this is possible is by using robinhood allthough limited in stock options i.e. some stocks on the alerts are not available and not able to learn shorting as i wish to do the upside no commission fees and has a few perks such as pdt alerts as well as a decent monthly fee for a margin account. today 5 shares of $GLBS up 40 cents from buy in position 5 shares of APOP up .46 from in position losing on $OPTT by .20 will sell all in am in morning spike,

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