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letapatrick May 19, 8:07 PM

Yes! Do a training on social media searches. Oh and STT isAWESOME! One week trial and went all in before it was up. Learning all I can

PeteyMoney May 31, 9:23 PM

Bing watching lessons. Did you do a video on the STT social media scanner? Yes that would be great.

Sailesh Jun 02, 6:55 AM

thank you so so much this video is very help full to learn how is penny stock dose in real time very cool.

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$1,585 profit ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: Its running again on some Twitter pumping, use the social media search tool, goal is to make 7-15%

Exit comments: Taking this single, I don't trust it as even though it usually has multiple upswings

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Windwalzer May 12, 4:19 PM

I can see the spike you entered and exited on. I was wondering if you held for the second then I read the exit. Thank you for sharing all you do.

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kcwonnersc May 08, 7:04 PM

I love the free live trading but I want to see you in action so we can see how you evaluate your trade in the first 10 minutes of the market open.

Sailesh May 10, 11:48 AM

i love small gains. thanks tim sir guru

MarkApp May 14, 8:50 AM

will take singles, not home runs

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