$585 profit ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent spiker on new positive airport testing news https://tim.ly/2GBRUYB for their screening technology and it spiked to the low 3s a few days ago on similar news, that's ym goal this time too, small position due to light premarket volume, it also tends to spike right at the market open then fail within a few minutes hence why I'm buying premarket....it already hit 2.90 today, I think it can get to the 3s

Exit comments: Making new highs heading into the close so I'm taking profits as my goals have been met and remember this usually fails right near the market open....good solid gain to start the day

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Samuri44 Apr 05, 3:33 AM

16% gains, very nice. If I have 10% profit I usually can't resist the urge to take it

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I would NOT short TEUM multi-month breakout, I would NOT short $ASTC now that its faded, I would NOT short $LIQT since its so low priced, I would NOT short $EKSO since big news/tweets can still come at anytime

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$180 profit ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought the dip on this morning spiker with news, its run in the past before, goal is to make 10-20%, small position, risky, moves fast

Exit comments: Out for small gain when followup spike failed, something wrong with my IB account, fun stuff, detail it more on my VTF, potential re-buy at lower prices

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EricaP35 Mar 27, 9:42 AM

I purchased your VTF and never got my email with link. I was charged for it payment went through. It is obviously still going on. Wondering what happened?

schanz Mar 27, 11:48 AM

Thank you Tim for the lesson!

MZM Mar 27, 3:42 PM

First experience with an all-day reality trading event. Nothing short of awesome. Learned from you first hand and student questions, even the stupid ones. Back to study hall, knowing now how important lessons and webinars really are and the "need for speed" when trading volatile penny stocks! MZMt

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Another explosion in Texas, watch explosive detection stocks $ASTC PTOTF as they've run on similar incidents before...sad world we live in, but this is why I have longterm position in $ASTC

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($3,661) loss ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought a small position in this next generation security plays as their subsidiary http://www.1stdetect.com/ is presenting at a conference next week and judging by today's spiking they might have something to announce...but small position due to it being a guessing game, just limited risk since it has solid support in the 2.90s-3, goal is to sell into news and a 20-40% spike like its achieved several times in the past

Exit comments: I broke my rules about cutting losses quickly, thinking that one big spike could save me, but it just kept downtrending and now I have to cut losses as it's my biggest loss of 2018...gotta learn, will do video lesson too

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pharoahscott Feb 16, 3:21 PM

The volume is at 95k, are you buying strictly on the news?

Sakshale Mar 06, 2:10 PM

Question: It seems to me that this doesn't meet your requirements for volatility. What are the trade-offs?

ricolagman Mar 26, 12:03 PM

Why didn't you put a stop lost?

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Miah Apr 16, 9:23 PM

Patience has definitely been the cause of my losses. I have not been patient enough to wait for the bets set ups. Also, the times I see the best ones, I am getting in usually too early and getting faked out for small losses. I will be patient for the right plays and patient on my entries.

MThoms Apr 25, 12:08 PM

I will have patience

SlipKid May 01, 12:08 PM

I will have patience - be picky

zaraza May 07, 9:13 AM

i will have patience Thank You Tim...

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