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Perez351 May 25, 20 10:44 PM

Thanks man, that is a very good synopsis, i have listened to it twice on youtube audio book, but its like the bible, i can't believe it is real but it is, MARK made me rich but poorer the next day, not following years of experience, thanks man, again, good synopsis on the material

sarimanap May 26, 20 1:43 AM

@Perez351 I am glad it helps you :) I thought I am going to start making summaries of things I read, a little bit of knowledge each day. Thanks again. Good luck with you.

gil_fl Jul 12, 20 7:30 PM

Great summary, I have to go look for the book. I can see how the summary helps make sure you understand. Keep up the great work!!

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Hi, my name is Victor Sanchez, and I've been immersed in the Markets for 90 Weeks. I have learned a lot over the past months, but mastering the markets is a lifelong pursuit. The purpose of this Blog is to help me keep track of my Trades along with lessons I will learn. I look forward to seeing how I transform as a Trader as every day the market shows a Mere reflection of our level of development. I am not a Guru. I am not a Master of the Markets. I am a Student. The mission is to share my process along the way towards Financial Freedom. Join the Process ~ ~

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“ Aspiring traders need to understand that the quest is not the matter of finding that one's approach that unlocks the secrets of market success , but rather of finding an approach that fits their personality .” - Jack Schwager

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