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Lyoness Jul 02, 9:03 AM

@Holdmytexan Thank you for sharing. I have been reading about trading psychology, and one thing I took away is that you can tell yourself in your head as many times as you want that your rule is to cut losses and not add to them, but sometimes having the emotional impact of a loss is more effective. If you can harness those negative emotions and remind yourself of how terrible you felt when you lost, it may be helpful. Emotions seem to be a big factor for me. Mine are different (fear of loss

farrelco Jul 04, 2:27 PM

I am limiting the number of trades I'm allowed to trade in any one day to 2 trades, in order to curb my overtrading and help me choose the best setups

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farrelco Jun 03, 3:42 PM

Awesome, WOW. Killin it

Windwalzer Jun 07, 8:03 PM

Your analogy about the pull and the bounce cleared up a number of questions and gave me a better understanding of what to see and look for on charts. For shorting, first green day, spike 200-300% over 2-4 days, volume can be weaker or volume can be strong on the pull. Congratulations on you May trades. Thank you for your teaching.

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farrelco May 13, 12:52 PM

Yahoo finance and are good places to find stocks to trade. Screen for big % gainers

ragincajun83 May 14, 1:16 PM

I still go long (it's complicated and part of my structure) until I learned that I had the potential to spot plays and be more in control. I'm not saying long is bad. Ultimate bias of market is onward and upward, but always remind yourself that going long is most often equivalent to holding and hoping. Market doesn't care about your hopes and incentives. It'll roll you for sure.

Perez351 May 14, 9:46 PM

find a paper platform to trade, but using real money, will snap your ass into shape, like real fast

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Windwalzer Feb 10, 3:58 PM

Parents have your future mapped out with everything perfect. As I told my son, I had a vision of your life and you have different one. I will always support you, it's your journey. Thanks for the pep talk.

Lukester Jun 01, 1:45 PM

@stefano321 Why are you still trading with real money lol, cut losses, write them off on taxes and paper trade.

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